Costa Rica - Ways You Can Help


Ways you can help and make a difference in Costa Rica


The mission of this Nature Park is to promote environmental awareness through exciting up-close and personal encounters with nature. These experiences bring you and your family insights and an appreciation for the vital role reforestation plays in the environment. As a result of reforestation efforts throughout the past 25 years the Nature Park has become home […]


This project is ideal if you are interested in learning about conservation of wildlife, especially wild cats. The Center began in the early 60’s, when deforestation was booming in Guanacaste. The habitat of many wild animals declined and many of these were captured by the locals and kept as pets or sold illegally. Mrs. Hagnauer Lilly […]


You can make a difference at a rescue center for injured, orphaned or illegally traded animals. You can help provide these animals with a better life and at the same time discover the importance of preserving the natural biodiversity of this stunning country for future generations. The center was set up by a Veterinarian and […]

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