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Song Saa

A 35 minute boat ride isn’t too much of an inconvenience when a luxury private island is the destination. Looking out onto this wonderful seascape is a seductive huddle of overwater villas, fashioned from recycled timber and with huge beds and oversized baths inside.

The name means ‘the sweethearts’ and you’ll be falling for Song Saa in no time. They have a team of five conservation staff, and have developed partnerships with local villages to ensure the islands never lose the natural beauty that make them so special. They are very proud to have established Cambodia’s first marine protected area, which covers 1 million square metres and extends 200 metres from the outer edges of the reefs that fringe Song Saa Private Island.

This no-take zone is managed to international standards for marine protected areas. The team is also working to protect the islands’ bird and forest life, including bat breeding colonies, and roosting sites for large ranging birds such as hornbills, sea eagles and owls.

Sihanoukville Cambodia


A thriving port town, tourists arrive in their thousands to soak in the relaxed seaside and resort atmosphere. Otres Beach and Bamboo Island are just a couple of the spots that welcome people year-round. The suggestive Golden Lion monument downtown is a source of constant amusement.

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