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Help Others

You can feel good on your vacation by making a difference helping others for a few days, or as long as you choose. If you have skills that you would like to use, we will try and match them to the needs in your chosen destination. If your children love animals, you and they will find it especially satisfying to be able to get up close and personal with them, and help safeguard their future. And if your children are older (typically over 9) then a fantastic way to bond as a family is to help build something together for those less fortunate, such as a house for a needy family. Your children will also learn just how fortunate they are as they interact meaningfully with the people in the community.




Explore your destination

What makes these luxury trips “voluntourism” and not “volunteer travel” is that they are a combination of service and sightseeing – customized for you and your family. So you choose how many days you would like to sightsee/relax for, and we help you pick just the activities that you want to do. Our consultants know the destinations inside out, so are expertly positioned to make recommendations that appeal to all of you, be it a yacht charter for some epic snorkeling, to learning to surf or how to cook a Thai curry, to a helicopter flight over an active volcano, the choices are endless. And if you want some downtime to just relax by the pool, that’s fine too.




Enjoy luxury hotels

This is your vacation, you have earned it. And especially when you have chosen to give back for part of it, that is all the more justification to enjoy a wonderful, comfortable hotel at the end of each day, perhaps finish up with a spa treatment, or a cocktail, and a babysitter to look after the kids. Yes, it is definitely a contrast to be exposed to poverty whilst staying in luxury, but the bottom line is that you are there to help change lives: you are making a positive difference and there is no need to sacrifice your comforts as well as your time and money. So luxury hotels are what we know and can recommend with first-hand knowledge. However, in certain select locations, such as Costa Rica and Morocco, we can arrange homestay experiences for you if you would like to get fully immersed in the culture. Those hotels that are ‘eco-luxury’ get special recognition on our website, as we believe in a holistic approach, which includes recommending those luxury hotels that take sustainability and caring for the environment seriously.




A meaningful luxury vacation

All of these elements add up to a vacation that you and your family will treasure, and which you will rave about to your friends and, well everyone you know. Your vacation is 100% tailor-made to match your exact specifications, time frame, and preferences.

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