Daycare Center in Ecuador

Give young children love and care at pre-school in Quito so they can flourish and have a positive future.

Conserving Elephants in Thailand

Care for elephants and learn an enormous amount about these gentle giants. Prepare their meals, feed, walk and watch them socialize and bathe.

Teaching in Rwanda

Help educate Rwandan youth in Kigali. Education is key to a positive future and you can help provide it.

Conserving Bears in Romania

Help rescued bears at a sanctuary to thrive by creating enrichments to stimulate them and assist the permanent caregivers. Play a part in giving rescued bears as close to a normal life as possible.

Renovating Homes in New Orleans

Restore homes damaged by hurricane. You can make homes liveable that have been derelict for years and help families have the security of a home.

Building a Classroom in Kenya

Help set the foundation for learning and lifting children out of poverty by building a classroom in the local school. You will leave feeling like you are a Masai.

Building Bathrooms in Bali

Paraplegics have a tough life anywhere, but it is worse in Bali as they are treated as outcasts. You can imbue a paraplegic with autonomy and dignity and provide him/her with a new lease of life.

Crafts in Hungary

Some families in Hungary cannot afford furniture or toys – you can help by creating some from recycled materials.

Conserving Costa Rica Wildlife

Care for monkeys, parrots and more and help them rehabilitate, whilst learning an enormous amount about these fascinating animals.

Conserving Penguins in New Zealand

Protect endangered penguins and their eggs from predators such as cats, dogs, stoats and weasels by building predator-proof nesting boxes.