Take a Holiday Vacation with a Heart0

Volunteer vacations are the way to lend a helping hand, whether you want to spend a few days or few weeks building schools and houses and more – surely you can make a difference by giving your energy,  time and skills to people and places in need. Spend your vacation meaningfully by: Teaching You can […]

Consider Volunteering for the Holidays0

The feeling you get when you give yourself to a cause and to someone in need is unexplainable and unnmatched. Volunteering provides this: taking time to lend a hand, sharing your precious time, skills and expertise for the benefit of humanity. You sow great things, the benefits reaped are even greater! The feeling that you […]

5 Places Where You Can Volunteer in Miami, Florida0

5 Places Where You Can Volunteer in Miami, Florida Traveling with family is always a great opportunity not just to absorb the sights and sounds of the world, but also to try to make the world a better place. Many places in the world are home to both captivating beauty and communities in need of […]

Uncertain about volunteer travel? Here’s what you need to know0

You want to find ways to make a positive impact in the world but you’re unsure. Participating in a life changing volunteer project is more than just showing up. You need to overcome that debilitating attitude. Here are things you need to know to have a truly transformational volunteer experience: Volunteering is really an awesome way […]

Just before You Plunge into a Volunteer Vacation0

Here are a few steps you can take to make sure you find a volunteer project that allows you to help, feel good and make a real impact in the world! REFLECT AND KNOW YOUR PURPOSE Maybe you want get some hands-on experience in social work or cultural immersion. Or perhaps you’re concerned about a […]

Voluntourism Best Practices0

Voluntourism Best Practices Voluntourism is on the rise. Originating from the social consciousness movement, awareness and sensitivity to global issues, there is certainly high demand from voluntourists to travel, take part in volunteering and make a difference. There are many opportunities to enhance skills, and enact your good intentions but how do you really maximize […]

Customized voluntourism vs. Do It Yourself0

Do you dream of traveling to see the world, have the best, authentic experiences, and do some good? Voluntourism may just be for you. There are definitely a whole lot of ways to combine traveling and doing good. Voluntourism embraces vacation travel that includes a give-back component. Give-back opportunities may range from a few days […]

The Family that Volunteers Together, Stays Together0

Young people nowadays aren’t the same as the youth of yesteryear. Somehow, they seem to be unmindful, disconnected and less interested in the world around them. Digital connectivity seems to be the culprit. And it’s getting out of control! Much effort needs to be done to help young people connect with real people and face […]

Luxury Voluntourism Do’s and Don’ts0

Here are some tips to ensure the volunteering portion of your luxury family vacation is well used, maximized and makes a great impact not only to you but to the people you are seeking to help. The Do’s Get to know the project, get to know the community. Make sure financial matters are transparent, and […]

The Joys of Shared Family Experiences0

There is nothing compared to traveling with your family. It’s always exciting to experience the riches of travel and share treasured moments with your family. Traveling can be the best gift or the most important learning you can impart with them especially your children. You will realize you are raising children who will have a […]