Experience pura vida – Costa Rica is open!0

Costa Rica is one of the world’s great destinations – it has so much to offer, from volcanoes to rainforest, wildlife to snorkeling, whitewater rafting to zip-lining, and the finest eco-luxury accommodation to relax in. Like many parts of the world, Costa Rica closed its borders to visitors, but the good news is that it […]

Our Coronavirus Policy0

The Covid-19 virus has quite understandably generated concerns around traveling while the virus is still active and official government travel advice is continually changing.  Hands Up Holidays will support all our clients in helping you to make the optimal decisions around your travels.  Your individual situation is unique, and we will tailor our recommendations to […]

Traveling safely with Hands Up Holidays0

We understand that once travel restrictions are lifted, you will want to travel safely. Indeed, your health and safety is our top priority, and we have taken a variety of proactive measures. Our commitment to enriching lives is holistic, meaning not only will you still be able to make a difference, we will do our […]

Europe’s Out…Where To This Summer For US Travelers?0

The EU has just announced that US citizens cannot yet enter Europe, so where to this summer for US travelers? Here are some locations currently (or soon to be) accepting Americans, along with ideas for how to make a luxury trip there meaningful and fulfilling: 1. Mexico *Important Note: The reopening of tourism activities is […]

Explore the US this summer of Covid…and make a difference0

Especially for those of you who live in the US, this is a great time to explore the US this summer and discover the wonders in store. (Even if you live in the UK or elsewhere, the US is still a good option, if you can accept a quarantine period when you return home). In […]

Make a difference on International Women’s Day0

Today is International Women’s Day. It is a travesty that women continue to face income disparities, and are in the minorities in government and leadership. As awful as that is, there are women around the world who suffer Female Genital Mutilation (“FGM”), forced early marriage, domestic violence, rape, and slavery – living truly miserable lives. […]

How to travel and avoid the coronavirus0

Coronavirus is on everyone’s mind right now – understandably so. We need to be sensible and treat it with respect. But you still want to travel and avoid the coronavirus, yes? One solution for you is to head to the wilderness – areas of sparse populations are perfect for exploring and staying virus-free. Here are […]

How to Help in Australia on a luxury family trip0

As you know, Australia is suffering from catastrophic wildfires. In addition to the human toll, millions of wildlife have died. But you can still visit Australia safely, in fact, you can even make a positive impact while you are there. And Australia needs you more than ever! Why? Looking at just the Luxury Lodges of Australia collection […]

Where to Make Your Resolutions a Reality in 20200

The Top 5 destinations to make your New Year’s resolutions a reality   Welcome to 2020! Have you made resolutions for 2020?   If so, how are they holding? Popular resolutions relate to becoming a better person, being more generous and showing concerns for others, living life to the fullest, being more environmentally aware, or spending […]

The True Meaning of the Holidays0

The True Meaning of the Holidays The fast-approaching Christmas and Chanukah seasons are a special time, especially so for families. It is the time for giving, and you probably know that it is even better to give-back. Travel and celebrate the true meaning of the Holidays: give back and help those less fortunate on a […]