Responsible Travel News0

Our vision is to enable you to travel responsibly, both in terms of sustainability and of course by making a difference through giving back. So it is with great pleasure that we can keep you updated on some of the fantastic responsible travel initiatives that you can be part of when you travel with us: […]

How to Make Your Summer Meaningful0

Summer is only half over, which means there is still time to explore and give back in an inspiring destination. Read on to discover how to make your summer meaningful with our top 5 recommendations: Costa Rica – Whilst technically it is the rainy season, Costa Rica often enjoys a dry spell in August, so […]

Best Destinations for Young Families to Make a Difference0

Did you know that even if you have young children, it is still possible to volunteer on your luxury family vacation? If so, do you wonder what the best destinations for young families to make a difference are? We typically say that from 5 years old, children can get involved, especially in our wildlife conservation […]

Where to stay and make a difference in Rwanda and Bhutan0

Rwanda and Bhutan may be on different continents but they share the same tourism strategy: deliberately restricting visitor numbers and focusing on the high-end traveler. We love this approach, as it fosters sustainability and thus helps secure the long-term future of the destination (in our view New Zealand should follow suit, perhaps Montenegro and Costa […]

Make a difference for International Women’s Day0

Today is International Women’s Day and the best way to celebrate this is to make a difference that positively impacts women. Here are some ideas: Zambia – alongside local experts, help build a home for a widow and her children, one that doesn’t let the water in during the rainy season, and insulates them well […]

World Wildlife Day – how you can make a difference0

World Wildlife Day is on Sunday the 3rd of March, which is an opportune time to elaborate on how you can make a difference conserving what remains of precious wildlife as part of a luxury volunteer vacation. Discover the joys of wildlife conservation volunteering. In Costa Rica you can assist at a wildlife rescue center […]

What’s new in Central America – give back in luxury0

Central America is our most popular region and whilst giving back is one of the core attributes of a Hands Up trip, another is enabling you to give back in luxury, ideally eco-luxury. As 2019 gets underway, here are six just-opened properties in Costa Rica, Belize and Guatemala that you are sure to love: Remote […]

Luxury intergenerational trip – part 3 – South Africa0

Whilst it can be complicated, planning a luxury intergenerational family trip and satisfying all their interests and preferences is a challenge that the best travel planners love to handle. Today, in our third installment, we take a look at South Africa, a fascinating country with so much to explore, and inspiring ways to give back […]

Luxury intergenerational family trips Pt 2 – Peru0

Following on from our introductory blog about luxury intergenerational family trips that make a difference, where we featured New Zealand, today we are looking at how intergenerational families can leave a legacy and bond even closer together in Peru. Luxury intergenerational family trips Peru is fantastic for adventurous intergenerational families because there is an abundance […]

Inspiring Family Trips Spanning the Generations0

It’s wonderful to travel with your family and so much more so if it involves different generations. Often complicated, planning a trip with a big family and adjusting to all their interests is often a challenge. That is one reason to leave it in the hands of a luxury intergenerational-family travel specialist such as Hands […]