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Peru – Hacienda Urubamba


Peru – Hacienda Urubamba Your luxury hotel located in the Sacred Valley, set on a 100-acre property, withstunning views of the Andes Mountains. Based here you can install an eco-friendly stove for a family. About this project This charity relocates mistreated elephants to their sanctuary where they are cared for by permanent staff, including veterinarians. Your […]

Protect Endangered Turtles in Greece

Protecting endangered turtles in Greece

You can make a difference in Greece by helping conserve Loggerhead sea turtles during the nesting and hatching seasons (mid-May to mid-September)

Help in Israel

Luxury family volunteer vacation Israel

Prepare and serve nutritious meals to people in need. You can also care for Israelis with disabilities, or assist the elderly

Serve Meals in Italy

luxury volunteer vacation italy

Prepare and serve excellent cuisine to people in need of a good meal, whilst maintaining dignity.

Active Family Adventure in Italy

Luxury family adventure Italy

Help families be healthier and safer with stoves that reduce burns and respiratory problems, and are much better for the environment.

Helping in Georgia

family volunteering Georgia

Care for people with special needs living on a beautiful farm. You will bond with your kids and they will return home inspired to be world changers

luxury family adventure that counts Turkey