Peru: Install an ecological stove for a family

The traditional way of cooking in Peruvian homes is over an open fire, which has three major problems

Guatemala: Build a home

On the outskirts of Antigua are villagers living in terrible conditions: shacks of corrugated iron, woefully inadequate for the rainy season, bringing on sickness and disease, and lower productivity and school absences that ensue.


Brazil: Build a home for a needy family

You can work alongside favela (“slum”) residents to help them realize their dreams. Help paint homes, complete landscaping projects, or support basic construction tasks.

Fiji: Build a home for a needy family

On the west coast of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, you can build a home in a model village that was created to meet the problem of displaced peasant farmers who were evicted from their land when their 100-year leases expired.


Romantic and passionate, Argentina is a land of sensuous pleasures, from the tango halls and football stadiums of Buenos Aires to the plains where the gauchos roam and the spectacular force of the Iguazu Falls.


Mexico: Provide Healthy Meals in Cancun

Background Cancun is a city of contrasts between the opulent resorts of the Hotel Zone and the poverty in the center and outskirts of the city.


Hawaii: Build a Cat Sanctuary

Kauai has a problem with many homeless cats. There are several volunteers who trap, neuter, return and feed them. They also rescue kittens and try to find homes for them after they get them fixed


Zambia: Teaching in a village

Our vision is to be able to provide improved and advanced education facilities for orphaned and vulnerable children in remote villages of Zambia.


Rwanda: Teaching

You can teach English, maths or music to a small group of teenagers living near Volcanoes National Park, who are all eager to learn and lift themselves out of poverty.


Cambodia – Building

You can change the life of a needy family by helping build a decent place for them to live. They will be healthier and more secure, and you will gain insights into their lives, hear their stories, share laughs, and show you care.


Morocco: Building a classroom or library

The longest established inhabitants of Morocco, the Berber people come from a feudal society, who have preserved their culture and traditions.

Kenya: Build a classroom in a Masai village

On the edge of the Masai Mara lies a forward-thinking Masai community. Whereas other villages still practice Female Genital Mutilation (“FGM”) and forced early marriage, this one actively upholds the rights of women, and is a refuge for young women from other villages, where they can have a place of safety and receive an education


Mozambique: Build a Primary School

If you are medically trained, such as a doctor or a nurse, you can put your skills to good use and treat ailing people in villages that lack proper access to healthcare. Be the change.


Nepal: Rebuild classrooms damaged by earthquake

The 2015 earthquake in Nepal claimed over 6,000 lives, and this country was poor even before it struck. Now the people of Nepal need your help more than ever.

Vietnam: Build a library

Mai Chau, with its ethnic tribes, is a fascinating, enchanting region. However, it is one of the lowest income areas, and economic development is low, as are education levels.



One of the most exciting emergent destinations in south east Asia, Laos is a place where time passes slowly, so prepare for a relaxed attitude to sightseeing and travel. Even the capital, Vientiane is laid back, almost as much as the sleepy temples and beautiful countryside.


Indonesia: Installing a disabled-friendly bathroom

Balinese people are warm and gentle, so it comes as a complete surprise that their traditional culture should consider disabilities a curse or the karmic result of past wrong-doing.

South Africa: Building a library or medical clinic

The communities around Sabi Sand are very poor and are in need of basic infrastructure; you can help fund and build your choice of: – a creche – classrooms – a library – a medical clinic All of these will make a lasting difference in the lives of the beneficiaries.


India: Teaching

TOne of the most popular ways to help is to teach at an inspiring school in the slums of Delhi, which students attend in the half-day that they are not at the government school.



Still mysterious and exotic, exclusive Bhutan is a Himalayan nation with a wealth of culture. It is forward thinking: preserving its mineral resources for future generations, and instead of GDP, Bhutan measures “Gross National Happiness”.