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Your Kids Can Discover How Lucky They Are on a Trip to Belize

Belize is divided into two: a subtropical and sylvan inland and a caye-strewn coastline – so much to explore on a luxury family vacation. English is the official language, which makes traveling easy, but you may also encounter local languages like Kriol, Garifuna and Maya. You can explore the lagoons and jungle of the Orange […]

Fill Your Vacation in Costa Rica With Pleasure and Purpose!

Costa Rica is famous for its attractions and resources: active volcanoes, stunning beaches, abundant wildlife, mysterious cloud forests, abundant exotic birds, attractive butterflies and gorgeous waterfalls. And its world class eco-luxury properties make it an ideal luxury family vacation spot. If you want to experience wildlife viewing and nature sightseeing, you’ll find this small but […]

Six Tips for Inspiring your Children to be World Changers

As a great parent, naturally you want your children to fulfill their potential. You probably agree that this world could be in better shape, what with wars, famine and, closer to home, domestic violence, murder, drug abuse and failing schools. Obviously you want raise your children to be those who make the world a better […]

5 Places Where You Can Volunteer in Miami, Florida

5 Places Where You Can Volunteer in Miami, Florida Traveling with family is always a great opportunity not just to absorb the sights and sounds of the world, but also to try to make the world a better place. Many places in the world are home to both captivating beauty and communities in need of […]

Tips for a Safe and Satisfying Luxury Family Vacation

Traveling is one of the best activities you can experience with your family but family vacations need a lot of planning and preparation and it is also essential to be safe when traveling. Be vigilant and get your kids vaccinated. Before you travel, check if the destination you are visiting is virus and outbreak-free. Make […]

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