Our Coronavirus Policy

The Covid-19 virus has quite understandably generated concerns around traveling while the virus is still active and official government travel advice is continually changing.  Hands Up Holidays will support all our clients in helping you to make the optimal decisions around your travels.  Your individual situation is unique, and we will tailor our recommendations to […]

Customized voluntourism vs. Do It Yourself

Do you dream of traveling to see the world, have the best, authentic experiences, and do some good? Voluntourism may just be for you. There are definitely a whole lot of ways to combine traveling and doing good. Voluntourism embraces vacation travel that includes a give-back component. Give-back opportunities may range from a few days […]

Tips for a successful luxury family volunteering trip

Volunteering abroad can be daunting, especially for the first timer. If you decide to volunteer for part of your luxury family vacation, you desire to positively change the world, bond closer with your kids, and perhaps change your family too. But there are also testing times. Whenever you face frustrations or conflicts that could emerge […]

Bonding with Your Children Whilst Traveling

Volunteering may not sound interesting to a child, but when you pitch it as “help feed elephants” or “help monkeys have a fun place to live” this often gets them over the line. And once they are there, naturally they love it and the time flies by. And when you do this alongside your children, […]

Luxury Family Vacations in Africa: What You Need to Know Before You Go

From the vibrant wildlife to its beautiful beaches and nightlife, Africa is a magical adventure for any family. A trip to Africa will bring you in contact with nature at its finest, and produce memories that will last a lifetime. And on a luxury service trip to Africa you will able to make a difference with people […]

Why Your Next Family Trip Should Be About Luxury Voluntourism

A luxury hotel in Quirimbas Islands in Mozambique Frolicking in the crystal Caribbean waters, exploring scenic coastal towns in Maine, and riding a spaceship at Disneyland Resort sound like the perfect family vacation. But more and more families are now favoring luxury voluntourism over typical trips to amusement parks, zoos and New England ski resorts. […]

Bathing an Elephant in Thailand

A family volunteer travel participant bathes an elephant in the Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand’s largest city. The 9,000-pound gentle giant made its way into the river. She was prepared to wade in the water under the heat of the Chiang Mai sun. Enormous but playful. She was a part of the herd that was giddy […]

African Honeymoons – Luxury With a Touch of Adventure

Over the years, Asia, Europe and a host of tropical islands have been the favorites for honeymooners the world over. The sands of time are shifting. African destinations are rising to the top for luxury and adventure conscious honeymooners. With the rugged beauty, amazing lodges, warm people and amazing wildlife experiences, the African continent offers […]

7 Amazing Experiences You Should Try in Bali

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1. Take in the Wildlife 2. Enjoy a Breathtaking Seaside Sunset 3. Try Amazing Bali Cuisine 4. Take Local Cooking Lessons 5. Touch the Life of a Child 6. Cycle in the Lush, Beautifully Crafted Rice Paddies   7. Volunteer Helping the Disabled

Family trip from the US to Cambodia

“It was wonderful! We absolutely loved Cambodia – hotel was a perfect choice, guide, “T” and Suy were so nice and it all was enjoyable. We all wished that we had stayed in Cambodia and gone south to the beaches as well. As usual, you handled every detail flawlessly, so all went very smoothly!” Stephanie, […]