Meaningful luxury vacation with hands up holidays

Build Homes for Teachers in Tanzania

Luxury volunteer vacation Tanzania

On your luxury family volunteer vacation in Tanzania, you can help build accommodation for teachers near their school, so they can focus on teaching

House Building in Bolivia

Volunteering house building in Bolivia

Help construct a decent place to live for a family in el Alto, near La Paz. Your kids will return home inspired to be world changers.

Solar Heating in Argentina

luxury volunteer vacation argentina

Help low-income families be healthier, by providing access to hot water; good for the environment too, as it recycles soda bottles!

Build a home in Rwanda

luxury volunteering trip Rwanda

Help educate Rwandan youth in Kigali. Education is key to a positive future and you can help provide it.

Build Homes in Zambia

house building zambia

Building a home for orphans or a widow and her children in a village near Victoria Falls enables you to interact with the locals and make a huge difference in their lives.

Build a Home in Sri Lanka

Luxury family volunteer vacations house building Christopher Hill SML

Give young children love and care at pre-school in Quito so they can flourish and have a positive future.

Building a Classroom in Kenya

Meaningful luxury trip in Kenya

Help set the foundation for learning and lifting children out of poverty by building a classroom in the local school. You will leave feeling like you are a Masai.

Build a Bathroom in Bali

luxury volunteering in Bali

Paraplegics have a tough life anywhere, but it is worse in Bali as they are treated as outcasts. You can imbue a paraplegic with autonomy and dignity and provide him/her with a new lease of life.

Crafts in Hungary

Family bonding luxury voluntourism in Hungary

Some families in Hungary cannot afford furniture or toys – you can help by creating some from recycled materials.

luxury family adventure that counts Turkey