The best family bonding trip – Peru

Peru has a variety of ‘must-see’ places that, when combined with a meaningful give back volunteering experience, add up to your best family bonding trip. Your itinerary can be custom made to provide maximum enjoyment and inspiration tailored to your family’s preferences; you will love Peru. Bonding amongst the scenic Highlights There are a wealth […]

Families That Give Back Together, Stay Together

Kids nowadays are often disconnected, cynical and less interested in what’s happening around them. It may be due to the effects of too much internet use, online games and gadgets. Their focus and interests have shifted and your mission is to bring their attention away from digital connectivity to real connections with real people, real […]

Intergenerational Inspiration

Often complicated, planning a trip that spans generations and adjusting to all their interests really spells challenge. But it’s worth it. Grandparents can bond closer with their grandkids in a meaningful way by incorporating a volunteering component. Doing so will inspire the next generation of world changers. Intergenerational family trips have many benefits. Here are […]

One for families – New Zealand

Is New Zealand on your family’s bucket list? There’s the mysterious Milford Sound’s distinctive peaks, sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, caves dotted with glow-worms, volcanoes, glaciers, and so much more to discover on a luxury family vacation in New Zealand. New Zealand is dominated by nature and most of the […]

The Perfect Luxury Family Trip: Thailand

Thailand, “The Land of Smiles”  is a justifiably popular destination with many great spots to visit for the perfect luxury family trip, home to palm-fringed beaches, adorned temples, thick jungle and more. You might be tempted to go straight to the coast and hit the beach, but inland Thailand has much more to offer. Explore […]

Fill your Vacation in Costa Rica with Pleasure and Purpose!

Costa Rica is famous for its attractions and resources: active volcanoes, stunning beaches, abundant wildlife, mysterious cloud forests, abundant exotic birds, attractive butterflies and gorgeous waterfalls. And its world class eco-luxury properties make it an ideal luxury family vacation spot. If you want to experience wildlife viewing and nature sightseeing, you’ll find this small but […]

How to Get Your Kids to Realize How Lucky They Are

It’s great when you are able to provide for your children well and meet their every need. You can bestow upon your kids incredible, undreamed-of opportunities, both at home and abroad. However, there is a risk of over-indulgence that may lead your children to take their possessions and opportunities for granted. It is a fine-line […]

How Will A Luxury Volunteering Vacation Benefit Your Family?

How Will A Luxury Family Volunteer Vacation Benefit Your Family? Mark Twain, one of the most brilliant literary minds of all times, was once quoted as saying “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” Considering what a huge and absolutely beautiful planet we live on, it is somewhat heartbreaking that countless people never leave their […]