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Turtle Conservation in Sri Lanka

Luxury volunteer vacation turtles Sri Lanka

Help families be healthier and safer with stoves that reduce burns and respiratory problems, and are much better for the environment.

Conserve Elephants in Thailand

Family bonding vacation thailand

Care for elephants and learn an enormous amount about these gentle giants. Prepare their meals, feed, walk and watch them socialize and bathe.

Build a Home in Sri Lanka

Luxury family volunteer vacations house building Christopher Hill SML

Give young children love and care at pre-school in Quito so they can flourish and have a positive future.

Build a Bathroom in Bali

luxury volunteering in Bali

Paraplegics have a tough life anywhere, but it is worse in Bali as they are treated as outcasts. You can imbue a paraplegic with autonomy and dignity and provide him/her with a new lease of life.

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