luxury family voluntourismYou can instil in your kids’ young minds the value of helping people by
volunteering in organizations. Here are five kid-friendly places where you
can start volunteering as a family. There are also suggestions for simple
acts of kindness you can do together, even without an organization.
1.  Build a home for a needy family – Teenage children especially can roll up their sleeves, make a difference, and you can all bond together.
2. Wildlife conservation or Rescue Center -kids can help by performing
tasks needed to keep the center running like meal preparation, feeding and
bathing the animals, helping the resident vet on his regular rounds,
maintaining and building enclosures.
3. Soup Kitchens– Older kids can serve food, younger ones can help out by
shopping with parents for food items to be donated. Younger kids may not
be directly interacting with the residents in shelters but they can take part
by donating books and toys.
4. Libraries and Tutoring programs – Children in their teens and tweens are
often needed in running these places.
5. Refugee Center– Kids are usually assigned to help in the kitchen,
helping the chef chop vegetables, shell eggs, mixing, stirring, etc. Or sorting
clothes into sizes and types, helping refugees find their size. Then serving
lunch, clearing up.