Sumba island

Sumba is an island in eastern Indonesia, is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands, and is in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. With its rugged undulating savanna and low limestone hills, physically it looks nothing like Indonesia’s volcanic islands to the north. Sprinkled throughout the countryside are hilltop villages with thatched clan houses clustered around tombs, where villagers claim to be Protestant but still pay homage to their indigenous marapu with bloody sacrificial rites. Throw in outstanding hand-spun, naturally dyed ikat, and the annual Pasola festival – where bareback horsemen ritualise old tribal conflicts as they battle one another with hand-carved spears – and it’s easy to see that there is a lot to Sumba. This is one of the poorest islands in Indonesia, but there have been infrastructure improvements Some traditions persist, however. Sumba’s extensive grasslands make it one of Indonesia’s leading horse-breeding islands. Horses still serve as a mode of transport in more rugged regions, they remain a symbol of wealth and status, and can still win a bride.

Accommodation in Sumba island

Nihi Sumba enables you to stay in one of the most stunning locations on the planet. Nihi was created from a vision to protect and preserve the unique Sumba culture and empower the local communities to support themselves and their families. The resort proudly employs over 90% local Sumbanese, who are authentically hospitable. Sumba has […]

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