Tétouan is a city in northern Morocco. The Berber name means literally "the eyes" and figuratively "the water springs". It is one of the two major ports of Morocco on the Mediterranean Sea. The city is located at the foot of the Rif Mountains, and just a couple of miles from the sea.

The weather in Tétois mild and rainy during the winter, hot and dry in the summer months.

The medina (old town) of Tétouan is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and one can find many white houses there. A long relationship with Andalucía has left Hispano-Moorish influences that are unique in Morocco. Everywhere in the city there are artisans: weavers, jewelers, and leather workers. The Medina feels like it has not changed over the centuries.

The royal palace in Tétouan is situated just outside and by one of the entrances to the medina. There is a public square in front of it. Other sights of Tétouan include but are not limited to splendid kasbahs and mosques.

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