Romania is Europe as it once was: teeming with wildlife and traditional customs continuing today.  Nowadays Romania, with its reputation for legends is also becoming recognized for its diversity and preservation of monasteries, churches and frescoes, of which eight of them are included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Despite being somewhat a […]


Italy is the world’s fourth most visited destination with very good reason: it has so much to offer for everyone, from the art lover to the hopeful romantic to the gourmet to the beach devotee to the sports purist. Help care for the homeless in Rome and gain insights to what it is like to […]


There is a wealth of adventures to be had in this ancient country, too many to take in on a single trip. Natural highlights include Lake Titicaca, the Andes mountain range, Colca Canyon and the Amazon jungle. Man made wonders also abound, such as the iconic Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, and colonial gems such as Cusco […]