Fiji - Ways You Can Help


Ways you can help and make a difference in Fiji


Build a home for a needy family

On the west coast of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, you can build a home in a model village that was created to meet the problem of displaced peasant farmers who were evicted from their land when their 100-year leases expired. This is an inspiring place where you can leave a legacy for a family.


Help with filing and organizing photos at a home for at-risk youth

The home in Suva that cares for at-risk youth is under-staffed, and those running it never have time to sort through their photographs and filing them, which they can then use for marketing and raising extra funds. They would love you to assist with this.


Build a bunk-room at a home for at-risk youth

In Suva is an extraordinary home for youth from troubled backgrounds. Run by an Australian lady with boundless energy and love, they are under-funded and you can assist by funding and helping build a new bunk-room so that they can care for more youth.

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