Indonesia - Ways You Can Help

Ways you can help and make a difference in Indonesia


Care for orphaned babies

A dedicated local Doctor, together with a few supporters, run a Foundation for HIV/AIDS babies. Born to HIV/AIDS parents who have passed away these little souls are cared for in a local orphanage, one of the few prepared to take HIV/AIDS babies into care, for fear of transmission. Mostly born to mothers who were unaware […]

Northwest Bali

Conserve Sea Turtles (seasonal)

Indonesia is a country with the longest coastline in the world and that has tremendous potential in terms of natural resources and the variety of species of wildlife. There are a total of 7 sea turtle species, 6 of which can be found in Indonesian waters. These species are: Green Turtle, Hawksbill, Olive Ridley, Leatherback, […]

Raja Ampat

Reef Restoration

After getting instruction about how to build coral reefs, you go on a dive to a nearby patch of damaged reef. Together with your guides you collect small bits of naturally disturbed hard corals and affix them to a stable substrate. This is especially gratifying for repeat clients – how rewarding to check in on how your handiwork has grown between visits!

Candi Dasa


You can make a difference teaching English in an inspiring school – the school is a fascinating story in itself, in that it became a reality as a result of committed local people distraught at the fact there was no school in their area so that their children could receive an  education and lift themselves […]

Candi Dasa

Installing a disabled-friendly bathroom

Balinese people are warm and gentle, so it comes as a complete surprise that their traditional culture should consider disabilities a curse or the karmic result of past wrong-doing. Disabled people are near-outcasts in Balinese society, and they lead very difficult lives; with no government support, their families are the sole caregivers, which places a large […]

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