Australia - Ways You Can Help


Ways you can help and make a difference in Australia

Great Ocean Road

Conserve the endangered Tiger Kuoll

Play a vital role in an urgent wildlife rescue mission! The Tiger Quoll is the largest remaining marsupial carnivore on the Australian mainland and it is fast heading towards the same fate as its cousin, the Tasmanian Tiger. The forests, woodlands and coastline of the Great Ocean Road are one of the last strongholds of the […]

Great Ocean Road

Conserve Koalas

On the Great Ocean Road between Melbourne and Adelaide, join passionate and dedicated conservationists in conserving one of the world’s most enchanting animals. Venture into the Australian bush with the conservation team to participate in inspiring fieldwork, learn about koala and woodland ecology, gain skills in survey techniques and assist with the rehabilitation of injured […]

Blue Mountains

Conserve Kangaroos, Wallabies and Wombats

You can make a difference conserving some of Australia’s most iconic wildlife: Helping with animal counting (Wombats, Kangaroos, Wallabies and Wallaroos) Planting native trees Weeding tree areas, irrigating and testing water quality for the animals to safely drink Regenerating and rebuilding eroded areas along river beds Helping with university research teams You will learn a […]

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