Bolivia - Ways You Can Help


Ways you can help and make a difference in Bolivia

La Paz and the Valley of the Moon

Build a home

La Paz is one of the largest and most prominent cities in Bolivia. Many indigenous people live in the adjacent city El Alto and commute into La Paz for work. Some residents of El Alto live in impoverished areas with houses made of mud and straw that are unsafe and increase the risk of health […]

La Paz and the Valley of the Moon

Help renovate a school

The school where the children living in San Pedro prison is regularly in need of renovations to keep the classrooms in good condition. It is mostly odd-jobs: painting, cleaning, and simple repair work. Your help can improve the conditions for the children, and studies have shown that a healthy education environment is conducive to better comprehension, […]

La Paz and the Valley of the Moon

Conduct medical rounds in a community

If you are medically trained, such as a doctor, nurse or mid-wife, then you can help care for the sick, infirm, new mothers and babies in a low income community. Rounds are performed each afternoon by the resident doctor and you can relieve her workload and increase the number of people that are cared for. […]

La Paz and the Valley of the Moon

Teach English to children in prison

Bolivia is unique in many ways, no more so than the San Pedro prison. Have you ever heard of a prison that will incarcerate an entire family for the crime of the father?…. Well now you have! This is done because inmates must pay rent, and poor families cannot afford to pay rent in two […]

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