Fiji - At a Glance

A collection of over 300 islands in the sun-drenched South Pacific, Fiji has a rich and at times dramatic history, not least with the mutiny on Captain Cook’s ship The Bounty. Independent since 1970, the islands are now a tourism hotspot, but it’s easy to get away from the big hotels and find intimate properties in any one of the inhabited islands. You can make your trip meaningful by building an additional bunk-room at a home for at-risk youth before you head out to discover these enchanting islands.

Ways you can help


    • Getting to know the real Fiji: her people, as you help build a bunk-room in home for at-risk youth
    • Cruising the islands in luxury
    • Spectacular snorkeling and diving
    • Kayaking in pristine waters
    • Hiking in the highlands
    • White-water rafting
    • Zip-lining through the rainforest
    • Relaxing in an eco-luxury resort on a secluded outer island

Sample Pricing

The price for a 10 day trip to Fiji costs from $5,950 (£4,809, €5,642) per person, staying in 5* luxury accommodation. Flights are excluded, but we can arrange these for you.

Eco-luxury Hotels

Qamea - Taveuni Island

The jewel of Fiji's Northern islands, Qamea Resort & Spa is an exclusive tropical destination for luxury travelers seeking a truly unique and authentic Fijian experience. Qamea Resort & Spa is an ...

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort - Savusavu

These 17 acres of former coconut plantation now house 25 eco-friendly bures, all with private decks, ocean views and an unarguable feeling of quality. The nearby town of Savusavu has a charming bay and far...

Useful Information

Flight Time from
24 hours
Flight Time from
New York
20 hours
Flight Time from
San Francisco
14 hours
Time Zone
GMT -9 hours
When to Visit
  • jan
  • feb
  • mar
  • apr
  • may
  • jun
  • jul
  • aug
  • sep
  • oct
  • nov
  • dec

Did you know

  • Fiji gained independence from the British Empire in 1970 after 96 years as a British colony
  • Native Fijians of Melanesian and Polynesian ancestry make up 54% of the population. Under British rule, Indians were brought to Fiji to work in the sugarcane fields. Descendants of these Indian laborers are called Indo-Fijians and currently make up around 40% of the population
  • The main official language of Fiji is Fijian. There are two other official languages English and Fijian Hindi or Hindustani (a mix of Hindi and Urdu)
  • The capital and largest city in Fiji is Suva, on the island of Viti Levu
  • Other important towns include Nadi (pronounced ‘Nan-dee’) and Lautoka
  • Fiji shares marine boundaries with Vanuatu to the west, New Caledonia (France) to the southwest, Kermadec (New Zealand) to the southeast, Tonga to the east, American Samoa, Samoa and Wallis and Futuna (France) to the northeast and Tuvalu to the north
  • Fiji has a population of around nine hundred thousand  people
  • There are 322 islands in Fiji and over 500 small islets. Around 110 of these islands are inhabited, although 87% of the population lives on the two biggest islands Viti Levu and Vanua Levu
  • Modern Fijian cuisine is diverse with great influences from Indian cuisine and spices along with traditional local tropical fruits, vegetables, fish and wild pork
  • Rugby Union is the most popular sport in Fiji with a participation rate of nearly 10% of the population. Other sports played include rugby 7’s, rugby league and football (soccer)


"We have enjoyed our stay here tremendously. Everything has been perfect...beyond our expectations. We are truly grateful. after our initial relaxing time we had an incredible experience helping out at the youth home. Both of our skills were well utilized – Darren worked up many a sweat with building and renovation work, and I loved helping sort through all their photographs - well, some of them! The hotels were incredible, although it is a shame Suva does not have luxury hotels; after volunteering, the Cousteau Resort was spectacular. Thank you!"

Vanessa and Darren, honeymoon trip to Fiji, from the USA

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