Indonesia - At a Glance

Discover this tropical wonderland through village visits, driving through acres of rice paddies and along glorious coastline. On Bali, the most popular (and, uniquely, Hindu) island for visitors, there is a host of activities to try, from surfing to mountain biking. The traditional tourist hub of Sanur is complemented by cultural Ubud and the south of the island is ripe for memorable stays.

You can make a difference by installing a disabled-accessible bathroom in the home of a paraplegic person, or teach English to children eager to learn, renovate a day-care center, or help conserve sea turtles.

Other islands we offer are more remote, and are leading examples of responsible luxury, such as on Moyo Island or Sumba Island.

We strongly recommend taking a cruise to explore even less well known locations in this vast archipelago, for sublime diving, cultural encounters, and unique wildlife such as the Komodo Dragon.

Ways you can help


    • Be fulfilled by helping install a disabled-friendly bathroom for a paraplegic, or renovating a daycare center, teaching English, restoring a reef, or conserving sea turtles
    • Learn to surf on Bali’s perfect waves
    • Dive or snorkel in the world’s best reefs
    • Sail to untouched beaches
    • Encounter the Komodo dragon
    • Take a Balinese cooking class
    • Thrill to white-water rafting, hiking or mountain biking
    • Interact with the culture on a village visit
    • Indulge in a Balinese spa treatment

Sample Pricing

The price for a 10 day trip to Indonesia costs from $6,875 (£5,556, €6,519) per person, staying in 5* luxury accommodation. Flights are excluded, but we can arrange these for you.

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16 hours
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Time Zone
GMT +7 hours
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Did you know

  • More than 80% of population is Hindu in Bali. So there are festivals and celebrations around the year.
  • The culture and the nature have a strong relation with Hindu, their religion. Everywhere you go, you may see many Hindu temples. And their life is also strongly related with and influenced by their religion. This is the reason why Bali is called the Island of God, the Island of Thousand Temples, and the Paradise Island.
  • “Celuk” Balinese jewelry is unique, and Celuk is the home of much of it. Nearly every family in Celuk is involved in some aspects of the delicate gold and silver work, which has become very famous over the years.
  • Dances and dramatic performances form an important part of every ritual on Bali. They are an integral part of Balinese religion and culture and are employed as an expression of the people’s devotion to the gods.
  • The most famous of the Balinese dances, the Kecak, originated from the Shanghyang dance choirs, who chant a distinctive ‘Kecak-Kecak’ accompaniment. The Kecak, as a dance, developed in the 1930’s in the village of Bona, where it is still performed regularly.
  • The music of Bali is extremely complex and vibrant. The original purpose of music here again is to serve religious beliefs, accompanying dances or wayang theaters. The traditional Balinese orchestra, known as gamelan, is composed of various forms of percussions, with notes overlapping and criss crossing among the various kinds.
  • As a tropical country, Bali has so many kinds of plants and trees growing wild in the rain forest like teak wood trees, banyan trees, bamboo, palm and many others.
  • For marine life, Bali is heaven for those who like diving and snorkeling because the sea around Bali is very rich in coral, seaweed, fish, turtle, dolphin, and many others. That is why Bali is also a very interesting destination for diving and snorkeling.
  • Bali is home to the world’s most expensive coffee. Kopi Luwak is made from coffee beans which have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet, and then passed through its digestive system. This is a not so appetising process but it makes it a unique coffee without a taste of bitterness. A cup of Kopi Luwak coffee can cost as much as US$100 in cafes in North America and Europe.
  • The Balinese calendar has only 210 days; don’t be too shocked if locals wish you a happy new year sometime along the year. They traditionally keep a different calendar that has its origins in the Hindu religion. It consists of 10 weeks made of 10 days. That is a pretty convenient calendar.


"We had the most amazing time in Bali, everything was perfect, best time of our lives! Thank you very much for everything. We will keep in touch and are sure to be back!"

Lily, traveled to Bali with three friends, from the UK

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