Kenya - At a Glance

Kenya is synonymous with sublime safari experiences and the wildlife are the stars of the show. Lion, leopard, rhino, elephant – Kenya has it all in terms of big draw animals. Modern day safari camps can be incredibly luxurious affairs in famous Masai Mara, Amboseli and Sambaru, as well as lesser known parks such as Loisaba, Naivasha and Chyulu Hills. Beyond safari, Kenya also has mountains, lakes, and beautiful beaches. You can make a difference here, leaving a legacy in Masai communities with building and teaching projects.

Ways you can help


    • Leave a legacy in a Masai community: help build a new classroom or assist with teaching in the existing rooms
    • Meaningful interaction with the Masai – leave feeling like you are Masai
    • Big 5 safari in your chosen parks, with expert guides
    • Hot air balloon flight over the Masai Mara
    • Beach relaxation in Lamu, Diani or Watamu – or all three!
    • Inspiring views of Kilimanjaro from Amboseli
    • Flamingos in Lake Nakuru
    • Luxury lodges

Sample Pricing

The price for a 10 day trip to Kenya costs from $5,000 (£4,041, €4,741) per person, staying in 5* luxury accommodation. International flights are not included in this pricing, but naturally we can arrange these for you once we know where you would be flying from and your preferred cabin class.

Eco-luxury Hotels

Turtle Bay Beach club - Watamu

This mid-range family friendly resort, set on half a mile of private beach, neighbors the Watamu National Marine Park, and there are water activities aplenty on offer. All rooms have private balconies over...

Sarara Camp - Samburu and Buffalo Springs

Sarara is a community owned property and has hung on through some tough years. Remote, in the foothills of the Mathews Range just north of Samburu Game Reserve, it sits within the 75,000 hectare Namunyak ...

Sasaab Samburu - Samburu and Buffalo Springs

Set between the Ewaso Nyiro River and the Lekurukki mountains, the scenery here couldn’t be more beautiful. The nine thatched cottages are Moroccan-themed, with designer touches and private plunge pools....

Kitich Camp - Samburu and Buffalo Springs

Heralded as a ‘biological bonanza’ by the BBC News, this glorious patch of rainforest in the Matthews Mountain Range has flourished within a mini-eco-system. By day you can explore forest trails and...

Joy’s Camp - Samburu and Buffalo Springs

The camp is named after the world famous conservationist Joy Adams, and is surrounded by incredible scenic plains and volcanic hills. Touting a Bedouin style, the ten tents are large compared to similar ca...

Ngong House - Nairobi

Proudly quirky in its design, these stand-alone suites are set across 10 acres of well-maintained gardens. The building materials are all recycled, and though every living space is different, they all h...

Hemingways - Nairobi

Hemingways Nairobi is a luxury boutique hotel set in the quiet and exclusive Nairobi suburb of Karen. Each of the 45 expansive suites includes a butler service. The planning and orientation of the prope...

Nairobi Tented Camp - Nairobi

Deep within a riverine forest minutes from Nairobi is a true wilderness experience. You can arrive in Kenya and get 'straight under canvas' within 30 minutes of leaving the airport. Nairobi Tented Camp is ...

Elsa’s Kopje - Meru

A set of ‘experimental’ lodges in the Mughwango Hills, these enchanting cottages blend into the landscape, and you can see and hear the wildlife all around you. Some of the suites have outdoor bathtubs...

Porini Mara Camp - Masai Mara

Porini Mara Camp - Masai Mara -G/E
Porini Mara Camp is the only safari camp set in Ol Kinyei Conservancy – an exclusive 18,700 acre wilderness set aside as a wildlife sanctuary with a wide vari...

Porini Lion Camp - Masai Mara

The award-winning, eco-friendly Porini Lion Camp offers day and night game drives within the Olare Motorogi Conservancy and guided walks with Masai Warriors in a pristine and exclusive 33,000-acre wilderne...

Ol Seki Mara Camp - Masai Mara

The camp looms over the plains on a rocky cliff face – a suitably dramatic setting, blending into the surrounding bush. The modern spaces hide in and among acacia trees, 10 units raised on wooden platfor...

Sanctuary Olonana - Masai Mara

Situated along the famed Mara River, the tented rooms here are among the largest available in Kenya, rendered in a luxurious take on Masai building styles. The staff are incredibly attentive, and you ca...

Kicheche Bush Camp - Masai Mara

The feeling of solitude is carefully managed in this corner of the Olare Orok Conservancy. Six tents lie within a shady acacia grove, and a large lion pride often situates itself just outside the camp. ...

Karen Blixen Camp - Masai Mara

Step back in time for traditional safari with Karen Blixen Camp. The 22 spacious tents are perfectly located on the banks of the Mara River; you can view wildlife from your armchair. Game drives are con...

Governors Camp - Masai Mara

You arrive via a short ferry ride across the Mara River, the camp being on the edge of a picturesque swamp inhabited by elephants and warthogs. The camp is in one of the most favorable sightseeing parts of...

Elephant Pepper - Masai Mara

Named after the spicy plants that the local elephants eat, these eight high-end tents sit in the shade of the tropical trees. The units are raised off the ground, so you can look out onto the plains and se...

Basecamp Masai Mara - Masai Mara

Hidden away under thatched roofs on a lush peninsula in the Talek River, bordering the Masai Mara National Reserve, are 12 spacious tents with spectacular views of the savannah. You will have your own vera...

Munira Island Camp - Lamu

Munira Island Camp is located on Kiwayu Island, near Lamu. There are places that claim to be 'Robinson Crusoe' but aren't really...and then there are those that couldn't be more so if they tried. Munira...

Sweetwaters Serena Tented Camp - Laikipia

A sheltered oasis, clustered around a waterhole and set in the pristine calm of a private wildlife conservancy, Sweetwaters Tented Camp is great. Abounding with wildlife and designed to offer a charming...

Porini Rhino Camp - Laikipia

Porini Rhino Camp is located within Ol Pejeta Conservancy, a vast 90,000-acre wildlife area between the Aberdares and the majestic Mount Kenya. The conservancy is home to a variety of animals including the...

Segera Retreat - Laikipia

Located in the heart of the Laikipia plateau on a 20,000 hectare private wildlife sanctuary, Segera is positioned in the path of one of the main migratory corridors for elephant and offers phenomenal game ...

Kicheche Laikipia - Laikipia

With just 6 tents, Laikipia Camp is nestled at the foot of indigenous forest overlooking a waterhole, in the centre of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. The Ol Pejeta Conservancy is 90,000 acres of wilderness ...

Serena Beach Hotel and Spa - Diani Beach/Mombasa

Set right on Shanzu Beach, it’s just a quick hop across the sands to the ocean waves. The hotel has bougainvillea flowers blooming in the grounds, with a set of refurbished rooms called The Village. It a...

Campi ya Kanzi - Chyulu hills

The name translates as ‘hidden jewel’ and is built from locally sourced and recycled materials. The six camouflaged tents are set up on wooden platforms and have grass roofs to further keep them discre...

Tortilis Camp - Amboseli

Among the top Kenyan camps for some years now, the 30,000 acre site is a haven of relaxation. 17 units all have day beds for lounging around and the open-air lounge welcomes guests with traditional décor....

Amboseli Porini - Amboseli

This safari camp is within the exclusive Selenkay Conservancy- an important wildlife dispersal area for wildlife moving out of Amboseli National Park. The private conservation area ensures the best possibl...

Useful Information

Flight Time from
8 hours
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New York
16 hours (via London)
Flight Time from
San Francisco
20 hours (via Amsterdam)
Time Zone
GMT +3 hours
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Did you know

  • Kenya has been captured on film in Out of Africa, The Constant Gardener, Born Free, Nowhere in Africa and Mountains of the Moon
  • If you’re a runner, the Lewa Marathon is run on the conservancy every June to raise funds for rhino conservation. Why not combine a safari with running a marathon through the wildlife, along with more than 1,000 other entrants?
  • The Country’s unique variations in altitude and terrain give an exceptionally wide variety of locations, including an unspoilt tropical coastline, glacial ice covered mountains, dense forests, arid sandy deserts, rich savannas, large lakes and the Great Rift Valley. Expanse game and wilderness areas have been set aside where little has changed over the centuries. In a nutshell, this is Africa at its splendid best.
  • Theater in the traditional sense is very popular in Nairobi. There is a National Theater, and also several small dramatic companies. Probably the best known are the Phoenix Players. In Kenya, theater is commonly used as a form of social education.
  • Although the Tanzanian and Kenyan governments have instituted programs to encourage the Maasai to abandon their traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle, the people have continued their age-old customs. Recently, Oxfam has claimed that the lifestyle of the Maasai should be embraced as a response to climate change because of their ability to farm in deserts and scrublands.
  • As semi-nomadic people, the Maasai have traditionally relied on local, readily available materials and indigenous technology to construct their housing. The traditional Maasai house was in the first instance designed for people on the move and was thus very impermanent in nature.
  • Over the years, many projects have begun to help Maasai tribal leaders find ways to preserve their traditions while also balancing the education needs of their children for the modern world. Many Maasai have moved away from the nomadic life to responsible positions in commerce and government. Yet despite the sophisticated urban lifestyle they may lead, many will happily head homewards dressed in designer clothes, only to emerge from the traditional family homestead wearing a shuka.
  • The Maasai women regularly weave and bead jewellery. This bead work plays an essential part in the ornamentation of their body. Although there are variations in the meaning of the color of the beads, some general meanings for a few colors are: white, peace; blue, water; red, warrior / blood / bravery.
  • Livestock such as cattle, goats and sheep are the primary source of income for the Maasai. Livestock serves as a social utility and plays an important role in the Maasai economy. “Meishoo iyiook enkai inkishu o-nkera”- so goes a Maasai prayer. The English translation of this praye is: “May Creator give us cattle and children. Cattle and children are the most important aspect of the Maasai people.
  • Today, the Maasai people live on a smaller piece of land in the Kajiado and Narok districts, surrounded by these now Kenya’s fine game reserves. Many practice nomadic pastoralism, while others have been absorbed into modern day jobs working in tourism where they showcase their culture to visiting tourists.
  • Unlike many tribal cultures, Maasai women have a strong voice in their culture. Maasai women are easily identified by their shaved heads, bright clothing and beads, and the removal of one of the bottom teeth (for both sexes).
  • There are numerous traditions and ceremonies performed by Maasai men. Perhaps best known is the warrior “jumping” dance; where young Maasai morani (warrior-youth) leap into the air from a standing position, in order to demonstrate their strength and agility.


"Our trip was fabulous and we will have memories to cherish forever.  We saw more animals and from much closer proximity than any of us anticipated and our expectations were far exceeded.  However what was even more impressive than the animals was the kindness and warmness of the people we met.  The Masai community made us feel like old friends and when we left we felt we were leaving “home.”  The teachers at the school were very welcoming and gave us all plenty of opportunity to teach. … and the school children were amazing and wonderful.  We came away with a strong desire to do more for the school and we truly miss the children we worked with." 

Kenneth – traveled to Kenya with his family, from the USA

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