Malawi - At a Glance

One of the most accessible and at the same time rewarding African countries, Malawi is a land of spectacular natural sights. The most famous is Lake Malawi – the Lake of Stars – a glimmering 320 mile (500km) long stretch of water that attracts tourists and wildlife alike. The National Parks offer incredible hiking opportunities, and sleepy Lilongwe is a charming capital.

Ways you can help


    • Sailing on Lake Malawi
    • Idyllic sandy beaches
    • Diving, snorkeling and kayaking
    • Safari in Majete Wildlife Reserve
    • Wildlife in Mvuu, or South Luangwa in Zambia
    • Hiking Mt Mulanje

Eco-luxury Hotels

Mumbo island camp - Lake Malawi

Set in the waters of Lake Malawi, Mumbo Island is an enclosed tropical paradise, measuring only 0.6 mi in diameter. The island echoes the same sense of wild beauty as its eye-catching surrounds, offering a...

Kayak Africa - Lake Malawi

These twin camps are based on Mumbo and Domwe Islands in Lake Malawi National Park. Both camps have incredible views and permanent walk-in tents on thatched decks overlooking the lake, with beautiful dinin...

Useful Information

Flight Time from
15 hours
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New York
19 hours
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San Francisco
25 hours
Time Zone
GMT -9 hours
When to Visit
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Did you know

  • Malawi was a British colony and was formally called Nyasaland.  It became fully independent in 1964
  • Malawi has two official languages English and Chichewa, a native Bantu language.  Most Malawians speak both Chichewa and English
  • Climate is sub-tropical, cool in the highlands and warm around the lake.  The rainy season is from November to May
  • Malawi has a sub-tropical climate where the rainy season starts from the month of May and stretches till May. The dry spells starts from May and ends in November
  • The natural resources of the country are limestone, hydropower, uranium deposits, coal, and bauxite
  • Malawi is a landlocked country where Lake Nyasa is one of the beautiful lakes of the country. Malawi houses several national parks which are the most prominent features of Malawi
  • Having a population of about 13,603, 181 Malawi is the home of different ethnic groups. The various ethnic groups of Malawi are Chewa, Nyanja, Tumbuka, Yao, Lomwe, Sena, Tonga, Ngoni, Ngonde and others. The major religions of the country are Christianity and Islam


"Malawi has to be the world's friendliest country - we fell in love with it from Day 1! Climbing Mt Mulanje was a great challenge, and so satisfying as well! The guides and porters you arranged were superb. But for sure, the best part was getting to know the Malawi people and giving the micro-loan recipients some (basic) business and entrepreneurial advice. We have been in touch with Annie since we returned home, and look forward to hearing of her progress, and continuing to help in any small way we can. Finishing up at Kawa Mawa on Lake Malawi was just what we needed to recharge our batteries before heading home."

Anthony traveled to Malawi with his family, from the UK

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