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When to visit Malawi
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The most pleasant time to travel is during their winter, from May to October, which is characterized by warm to hot days and temperate to cool nights, depending greatly on altitude. Winter is also the dry season, so rain is unlikely to cause road damage or otherwise disrupt your travel plans, and the risk of contracting malaria is greatly reduced. Game viewing is also at its best due to less vegetation, and animals concentrate around the permanent water supplies.


An advantage of travelling during the summer months of November to April is that rain transforms the parched winter landscape to a lush paradise alive with green foliage, colourful wild flowers and a wealth of fresh fruits and vegetables. Climatically, while the lakeshore can be oppressively hot and humid in summer, the higher-lying areas are balmier, remaining warm at night. A special-interest group for whom summer is the optimum time to be in Malawi is birdwatchers: between November and April, resident species are boosted by a variety of Palaearctic and intra-African migrants, and many species shed their dowdy winter plumage for brighter breeding colours.

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