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When to visit Mozambique
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Mozambique broadly follows a southern African weather pattern, with the rains falling largely between December and March. This does vary a little between the north and south of the country, with the rains lasting a few weeks longer in the north than the south, but the pattern is the same. Humidity is typically pretty high during this period. Due to its proximity to Madagascar, Mozambique has a relatively low annual rainfall, and by around April or May the rains subside, the sun comes out and the humidity drops – better weather starts in the south and heads north. June to October is the best time to visit Mozambique as this is the dry season, with often perfect tropical weather: clear skies, sun and hardly any rain. However, June, July and August are Mozambique’s coolest months, so you’ll need a light sweater at night, even though the temperature gets over 86°F (30°C) during the daytime. September and October are typically still dry as daytime temperatures climb, though it still gets cool at night. November is a transition month, and the weather is hard to predict. The rains typically start in the north of the country.

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