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Eco-Luxury Inspiration for Earth Day

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Earth Day is April 22, and the theme this year is ‘Invest in Our Planet’, and I encourage you to do just that by investing in eco-luxury accommodation on your next trip.

Yes, eco-luxury can cost more than ‘regular’ luxury accommodation, but it is worth it. Here’s why. Eco-luxury properties take sustainability seriously, with practices such as:

  • They are architecturally designed with sustainability at the forefront
  • They are constructed using recycled, locally sourced materials and blended into the setting with no damage to flora and fauna
  • They generate their own electricity (such as solar or wind)
  • They use LED lighting
  • They recycle, and sustainably use waste materials, such as used cooking oil to power vehicles, or heat from ovens used to heat rooms
  • They reuse ‘grey water’ from showers to water the garden
  • They consult with the local community, have community ownership, and employ and train people from the local community, including in management
  • They are carbon neutral, and some are even carbon positive, meaning your stay has a net positive effect on the environment
Eco-luxury hotel CostaRica

My team and I have scoured the globe identifying accommodation partners who share our vision for sustainable luxury travel; whilst eco-luxury accommodation options are not available everywhere, I am thrilled that the numbers are increasing.

In my opinion, Costa Rica leads the world in its commitment to eco-luxury, with a large number of sublime properties, including:

  • Nayara Tented Camp – The tented camp was built on stilts and a lot of space was left between tents to plant trees and palms between them. Thousands of trees and indigenous bushes have been planted to reforest and repair damage done by cattle farmers. Energy and water conservation measures are in place. The majority of the team is from the local town, and free transport and health services are provided.
  • Lapa Rios – Lapa Rios protects 1,000 acres of tropical rainforest, uses solar energy for heating, has water turbines, uses organic cleaning products and bath amenities, and has a no-plastics policy
  • Pacuare Lodge – No trees were cut to accommodate the bungalows and main lodge, the buildings use timber from a small farmer-run reforestation project. The thatch roofs were made by local Cabecar Indians using palm leaves from the forest reserve.
  • El Silencio – More than 95% of El Silencio’s staff is local and gives back through employment opportunities, local purchases, and the growing relationship with its closest neighbor, the Los Bajos del Toro community. El Silencio holds the maximum Six-Leaf Rating in Costa Rica’s Certification of Sustainable Tourism.
luxury volunteer vacation costa rica

Thailand also has some excellent eco-luxe resorts, with my favorites being:

  • Soneva Kiri – Soneva has a Foundation that funds a variety of awesome projects, including eco-stoves in Myanmar, forest restoration, clean water in villages, hunger relief, and ocean stewardship.
  • Zeavola – has its own water bottling plant, has replaced plastic packaging, and has Thailand’s most impressive wastewater management system
  • Aleenta Phuket – Aleenta has eliminated single-use plastics, and teaches sustainable farming techniques in schools
  • Six Senses – Six Senses used renewable building materials, and deploys passive cooling, electric transport, and biodegradable cleaning products.
luxury family volunteer trip in Thailand

Some other eco-luxury options from around the world are:

Kenya – Basecamp Masai Mara has adopted innovative drought mitigation techniques, recycles grey water, has recycled over 2,000kg of plastics, uses solar power, and has launched other income-generating initiatives for the local community

South Africa – The Homestead uses solar power, was constructed with local stones and ethically sourced local wood, uses rainwater, and you can encounter the wildlife in electric vehicles.

Australia – One & Only Wolgan Valley has adopted energy conservation principles, such as LED lighting, sensors, and timers, as well as solar panels for heating and exterior lighting. The resort sources food from local artisan, organic producers, with rainwater providing 70% of drinking water.

Eco-luxury Australia

Go and invest your travel money in eco-luxury accommodation – the planet will thank you!

Feeling inspired? Get in touch with our team, who are passionate about crafting sustainable eco-luxury itineraries, customized for you.

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