About Eco-Luxury

When you travel with Hands Up Holidays, not only do you make a difference giving back, you also enjoy staying in sustainable eco-luxury accommodation. 

Enjoy the best

Luxury travel is best when it is sustainable, and you can stay at the finest eco-luxury hotels and lodges on your vacation with us.

Eco-Luxury hotels and lodges are accomodation that minimizes any environmental impact whilst retaining your creature comforts.

Examples of what eco-luxury hotels and resorts do are:

  • They are designed with sustainability at the forefront
  • They are constructed using recycled, locally sourced materials and blended into the setting with no damage to flora and fauna
  • They generate their own electricity (such as solar or wind)
  • They use LED lighting
  • They recycle and sustainably use waste materials, such as used cooking oil to power vehicles, or heat from ovens used to heat rooms
Island Resort

Eco-Luxury Highlights

Hotels and lodges shown here are examples of what we call “eco-luxury”, meaning you minimize any environmental impact whilst retaining your creature comforts. With Hands Up Holidays you can enjoy the best eco-luxury accommodation available at your chosen destinations.

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