Costa Rica: Olive Ridley sea turtle conservation

At this inspiring project you can help to protect the Olive Ridley sea turtles and uplift the local community.


Bolivia: Build a home

La Paz is one of the largest and most prominent cities in Bolivia. Many indigenous people live in the adjacent city El Alto and commute into La Paz for work.


Belize: Conserve the reef, remove invasive species, surveys

There’s a multitude of experiences for you to enjoy in nature-rich Belize, from Mayan ruins, trekking in the mountains and the rainforests, to world-class scuba diving and snorkeling, and even swimming with manatees.

Australia: Conserve the endangered Tiger Kuoll

Play a vital role in an urgent wildlife rescue mission! The Tiger Quoll is the largest remaining marsupial carnivore on the Australian mainland and it is fast heading towards the same fate as its cousin, the Tasmanian Tiger

USA: Serving meals to the Homeless

Play your part and help alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalization. Serving meals to the marginalized is a transformative experience volunteering.


Mexico: Provide Healthy Meals in Cancun

Background Cancun is a city of contrasts between the opulent resorts of the Hotel Zone and the poverty in the center and outskirts of the city.


Hawaii: Build a Cat Sanctuary

Kauai has a problem with many homeless cats. There are several volunteers who trap, neuter, return and feed them. They also rescue kittens and try to find homes for them after they get them fixed


Namibia: Desert Elephant Conservation

ou can play a part to reduce elephant-human conflict in the southern Kunene region of Namibia. You will help construct protection walls around water points,


Indonesia: Conserve Sea Turtles (seasonal)

Indonesia is a country with the longest coastline in the world and that has tremendous potential in terms of natural resources and the variety of species of wildlife.


Thailand: Help conserve elephants

Elephants were historically extensively used to move and carry heavy objects such as tree logs, but with deforestation and loss of habitat, elephants in Thailand face their greatest challenges ever.


India: Wildlife conservation

Inside the peaceful, garden-like grounds in the south of Jaipur is a refuge for many animals, which works as a veterinary hospital treating all animals, and aims to re-home as many animals as possible.