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Family Travel (The Most Important of All!)

luxury family voluntourism Brazil Everyone loves to unwind and explore new places and see new things. We absolutely love vacations whether we’re alone, with friends or with our families. When choosing with whom to travel, some people prefer traveling alone because there are fewer hassles and conflicts and they don’t have to be responsible for anybody else. It could also mean a special time alone for themselves to not just relax but also for some self reflection and soul searching. But traveling alone can have its drawbacks. There is nobody to look after your things just in case you need to go somewhere else, but on the other hand you will be open to the possibility of making new friends. Let’s face it, you have no choice but to make friends 🙂 Another option is to travel with friends, which is a lot of fun, you get to know more about them because you get to share more experiences together and these strengthen your connection with them. Spending vacations with friends needs a lot of considerations and compromises though- from selfie or groupie time, where to stay, where to eat, what places to visit, and budgeting. These sometimes cause problems but who cares when in exchange of these are lots of fun and adventure. In our view, the best option and most important of all, is spending your vacation with family. It may entail a lot of hard work and just like traveling with friends, there can be a lot of issues.. Time is usually an issue especially if other members of the family have different activities and break time- this needs to be worked out even if it means stealing time away from work or school. Besides, we all need quantity of time to be able to spend quality time with our families. Petty arguments may pop up along the way. From what places to go to, what souvenirs to take home, time management, what to eat and where, and sometimes you’re caught between having fun and getting worried over the cost of your vacation. Issues like these are inevitable but you would eventually realize, you are traveling to relax, have fun and delight in your bonding time. At the end of the day, you are one as a family and everything is “figure out-able”. And volunteering as a family will even draw a family closer together and much more, create fond memories you will cherish, and make a lasting difference together. Family vacations are healthy. You and your family will definitely benefit from a well- deserved break that combines sightseeing with volunteering. Hands Up can arrange for you an inspiring luxury family voluntourism vacation.

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