Carnaval is celebrated in February or March (the week before Lent) and ends on Ash Wednesday. Ecuador has a unique version of Carnaval, nothing compared to other countries celebrations: children and teenagers love it! They celebrate it throwing balloons filled with water, bags filled with flour, water weapons and anything (even eggs) that may make […]

Semana Santa

Holy week is an extremely important event throughout Peru and people flock from far and wide to view the spectacular events which occur throughout this month. ”Semana Santa” is one of the most eventful festivals in Peru. In Arequipa, massive religious ceremonies take place throughout the entire city along with processions and spiritual reclusion. Horse […]

Waiarapa Hot Air Balloon Festival

The four-day festival in March usually hosts approximately 25 balloons from around New Zealand and from overseas each year. The combination of superb flying conditions, supportive sponsors and a welcoming and enthusiastic community has helped build the event into a key fixture on Wairarapa’s event calendar. During the festival the balloons launch at dawn each […]

Kwita Izina Gorilla Naming

The timeless Rwandan ceremony kwita izina (to give a name) is part of the celebration of the birth of a new child in a family. This name is selected by family members and is announced during the ceremony. For three decades this same ceremony has been performed for Rwanda’s newly born mountain gorillas by rangers, […]

Paro Tsechu

At the Paro Tsechu Festival locals come from neighbouring communities to participate in this spectacular event. The first day usually starts with rituals inside the courtyard of the Dzong (fortress). On subsequent days the festivities continue outdoors. On the final day, early in the morning of the celebration, the monks display a gigantic Thangkha (embroidered […]

Punakha Domchoe

Punakha Dromchoe is a five day long festival dedicated to the goddess Mahakala. The religious aspects are performed in the same manner as in early times. On the last day, a play of warriors going off to war in an ancient battle is enacted. This is one of Bhutan’s most unusual festivals. This is held […]

Kurjey Lhakhang Festival

Brave the monsoons to attend the Kurjey festival (Tshechu), which coincides with the birth anniversary of Guru Rinpoche. Different kinds of mask dances are performed during the festival apart from traditional and folk songs and dances. You can also catch the nearby Nimalung festival at the same time.

Ura Yakchoe Festival

This annual festival held in Ura in Bumthang is known for its famous dance called the “Ura Yakchoe”. A sacred relic is displayed for people to receive blessing from. According to legend, an old woman sitting outside her house was visited by a lama asking for a glass of water. When she came out with […]

Domkhar Festival

The Domkhar festival (Tshechu) is one of the most popular festivals among the locals in Bumthang. It marks the birthday of Guru Rinpoche, the Indian Buddhist saint who visited Bhutan in the 8th century.

Talo Festival

The three-day Talo Tshechu is well known for its maskdances and the atsara dances. An equally popular attraction, which has a deep religious and historical significance, is the Zhungdra (classical dance) by the Talo dance troupe. The three songs of Mani Sum, which comprise the Zhundra set, are performed as the closing item on each […]