Paro Tsechu - Bhutan

At the Paro Tsechu Festival locals come from neighbouring communities to participate in this spectacular event. The first day usually starts with rituals inside the courtyard of the Dzong (fortress). On subsequent days the festivities continue outdoors. On the final day, early in the morning of the celebration, the monks display a gigantic Thangkha (embroidered painting) of the Guru Throngdel inside the Dzong. Thongdrols are considered so sacred that simply seeing a Thongdrol is said to cleanse you from the sin.

The Bhutanese come to the festival dressed in their finest attire and jewelry. Dancers in fancy costumes perform masked dances and dramas portraying Guru Rinpoche, and celebrate his life. They dance to the beats of trumpets, cymbals, flutes and folksongs, and demonstrate the triumph of good over evil.

Tourism Council of Bhutan, Paro Tsechu: Tourism Council of Bhutan Digital Library


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