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Volunteer on a Luxury Family Trip in Morocco

luxury family voluntourism Morocco
Morocco is a revered tourist destination for those who wish to experience a stunning blend of sand dune landscapes and exotic camel rides, and sample Moroccan cuisine, famed for its fragrant blend of spices and sweet-and-savory flavors. Last year, a total of eight million tourists visited Morocco between January and August alone, representing an increase of 10.4% from 2016. Visitors numbers are increasing a lot from the United States – some for a luxury family voluntourism adventure.

If you are after a vacation with purpose – one in which you and your children can make a difference to the lives of children in the area, while immersing yourselves in stunning architecture, culture, and gastronomy, Morocco may be a perfect choice for your luxury family voluntourism vacation.

Who needs help in Morocco?

The Berber people in Morocco are known for their hospitality to visitors, many of whom are unaware of their plight. One of the main problems for Berber children is the remoteness of their villages. The nearest school may be located in the next village, which can be as far as 20 miles away. Without transport, many children cannot make it to school. While their parents work full-time, children can wander and sometimes suffer from accidents as they beg for water or food on the road. Many do not have access to clothing or shoes, yet the roads are littered with stones and other sharp objects that can cause injuries to children as young as four or five. Meanwhile, literacy levels for girls can be as low as 10%, particularly in areas such as the High Atlas Mountains. Girls, in particular, are more likely to drop out after primary school when they do have access to school, with only 26% of females in rural areas enrolling for secondary education (as per the World Bank).

Education is the answer

One way you and your family can help is by working alongside Hands Up Holidays to build schools. Education is the only way to break the cycle of poverty; it is also a way to save young women. When educated, women are less likely to marry early (against their will). They are also less likely to have healthy children, to survive childbirth, and to continue the cycle of education by sending their own children to school. With Hands Up Holidays, you can blend work with enjoyment and relaxation, taking your pick from a plethora of accommodation types, including a luxury riad that that is hundreds of years old!

Continuing your journey

If you wish to stop in Morocco for a few days and explore nearby countries, let the team at Hands Up Holidays know. Interesting places to visit include Egypt (whose tourism revenue jumped up 123% year-on-year in 2017), famed for its fascinating history and pyramidal architecture. Your kids will undoubtedly marvel at the Valley of the Kings, enjoy floating across Lake Nassar to view Abu Simbel, or enjoy an awe-inspiring vision as the sun rises over the desert landscape of Mt. Sinai.

Spain is another land that is surprisingly easy to access from Morocco. Just take a ferry to Algeciras (in the south of Spain) and in an hour and a half’s drive, you will be in Málaga, home to the Costa del Sol – a revered tourist destination for lovers of the beach life. Once in Málaga, the rest of Andalusia is close by – including Seville (one of the exotic locations used to film Game of Thrones), Granada (home to famous ski resort, Sierra Nevada) and Cordoba (where Jewish, Arabian and Christian culture and history unite).

Having a fun, pampering, relaxing luxury family volunteer vacation while making a big difference in the lives of children is possible. If you have a few free days or weeks coming up, talk to the Hands Up team to plan a trip that suits. Spend all your time in Morocco or venture forth into nearby countries. Once you discover how fulfilling giving back to others can be, you will probably be intrigued to venture forth into other countries whose people can benefit greatly from your efforts.

Contact us to start planning your meaningful luxury family volunteer adventure in Morocco!

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