Accommodation in Istanbul

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Adahan Istanbul

There’s a sense of timeless elegance at this classic hotel, the building for which dates back to 1847. Marble staircases and custom crafted wooden furniture make for classy interiors and the 40 individually-appointed rooms are flawless. Truly an oasis of quiet luxury in the midst of Istanbul’s busy centre. The sun collectors on the roofs help to obtain hot water for the rooms. The heating and cooling system work with a system of heat pumps. The clean water consumption is reduced by a system of collectors of the rainwater, which is also mechanically and chemically cleaned. The original chimneys of the building are re-used as air ducts for the ventilation of the interior spaces. Instead of the cement plaster, the lime plaster and lime based whitewash are used.



The historic mosques, minarets and bazaars mix with a confident, modern and even fashionable scene in the city where east meets west. The buildings around Sultanahmet and the Old City are truly awe-inspiring, and there are some wildly evocative views to be had of the Bosphorus River. These couple with truly world class restaurants and bars.

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