Accommodation in Dakhla Oasis

Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary

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The sandstone buildings almost disappear against the dunes of the oasis at Dakhla. The 20 rooms of this eco-friendly property do offer a true respite form the spectacular but harsh desert environment, and with 200,000 square metres of space in the complex, the lounge, garden and spa all feel suitably isolated. Al Tarfa was to set a model for sustainable tourism development in the Egyptian oases. By building the lodge, they achieved one of the main objectives; to revive the oasis’ classical building style. Having done so, they consider to have established a base for further archaeological and geographical research.


Dakhla Oasis

The town lies on the edges of the Great Sand Sea, surrounded by looming sand dunes and feeling somewhat like the edge of the earth.  As well as the stunning natural panorama, you can see 1st century temples, and monuments that successive regimes, including the Romans, have left in their wake.

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