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Alpina Dolomites

This enchanting place gives off a sense of serenity and energy. The Alpina Dolomites Lodge rises on the Alpe di Siusi, in a natural setting of incomparable beauty where the hotel has been placed in the most harmonious,

respectful way. The majestic landscapes surrounding the property will be with you every moment of the day like a wonderful silent presence. Every day here will offer you a changing array of emotions, to be discovered with a sense of wonder and to be experienced to the fullest. Here activity and relaxation are no longer opposing ideas – they are part of that continuous movement that is nature. A stay at the Alpina Dolomites brings a different dimension to your holiday, which enchants and conquers all those who experience it.

Let the magic of nature enchant you.

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The UNESCO Natural World Heritage listed Dolomite Mountains in northeastern Italy make up one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. At 200 million years old, these craggy, colorful, majestic peaks rise 10,000 feet up and are a popular destination no matter the season for adventure travelers looking to ski, climb, trek and mountain bike but also provide more relaxing opportunities to see epic views from the cable cars, explore the charming villages and sit by the various lakes in the area.

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