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Borgo Egnazia Hotel

Borgo Egnazia Hotel is located in Savelletri di Franco, where the hills of the Itria Valley gently fall away to the Adriatic sea, and the property itself is inspired by the shapes, materials and colors of a typical Apulian village. The hotel was conceived to bring a fresh and original feel that is found “nowhere else”, alongside impeccable service. Delight in homemade breakfast prepared by Apulian housekeepers, a revolutionary spa, two beautiful private beaches (the rocky beach club of Cala Masciola and sandy La Fonte) and the scenic San Domenico Golf Club surrounded by ancient olive trees with views that stretch to the sea. And then there’s the service: tailored, friendly and caring, a dedicated team is always available (the local “advisers”). The delicious gourmet menu is crafted by Chef Cook. Finally and quite simply there is the incomparable beauty of Apulian countryside.

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Puglia in Southern Italy hides a myriad of guarded sights, historical architecture and beaches untouched by tourism.

Puglia is a region that can satisfy any taste and interest, from its ancient history to the Medieval and Baroque epochs, from its castles that line the coast to the tiny, artistic villages where artisanal masterpieces come to life.

Local and international festivals add a little spice to life such as the Otranto Jazz Festival and La Notte della Taranta, where the area’s traditional dance, the Pizzica is celebrated.

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