Accommodation in Bariloche and the Lake District

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Estancia Puema Hue

In the native Mapuche language Estancia Puema Hue is “the place of dreams”. It’s a charming Eco-lodge nestled within the grounds of Nahuel Huapi National Park, in Northern Patagonia’s Lake District.

It is only a 25 minute drive to the lodge from downtown San Carlos de Bariloche, a world class skiing resort in winter. The melting snow and fast running waters are the delight of Limay and Manso river runners in spring, when wild flowers carpet the ground.

Numerous waterfalls, creeks, mountain trails forests, lakes, and steep granite walls enable all types of outdoor activities to take place within the property and surrounding areas.

Enjoy the following activities year round: trekking, kayaking, guided horseback riding, boat rides, fly fishing, , swimming, bird watching, yoga classes, mindful walking, massages, wine tasting, tango classes and shows, live music concerts, and cooking classes. It is also a wonderful place to simply read and relax under a tree.

The estancia is composed of 6 villas and log cabins and features a non-denominational temple for spiritual reflection and renewal. All the buildings are made from local wood and stone. The living and dining areas are equipped with charming fireplaces and large windows offering panoramic views.

Poplar House

With a total capacity of 8 to 12 guests in 4 independent bedrooms, Poplar House takes advantage of superb 360º landscape views. The house is featured with large windows to deliver superb panoramas from every room. Meals are served here, at Poplar House, which is operating as the Main Lodge.

Radal House

Radal House is smaller than Poplar House with a capacity of up to 9 guests in 4 independent double bedrooms with private bathrooms with shower and bathtub. A large living and dining room with a cozy stone fireplace offers you superb views over the lakefront and the stables. The house has a fully equipped kitchen.

Coihue Villa

A beautiful little house combining excellent services for 4 to 5 guests is at your disposal. It has two double rooms – one upstairs and one downstairs. There you can enjoy evenings at the cozy fireplace. The villa also has a fully equipped kitchen. All rooms have panoramic views to the lake, the meandering creek and vegetable garden. The lodge is located in front of the garden and has a garage fitted with Argentine style barbecue equipment.

Mountain Villa

This cabin is placed in the midst of the forest and at the foot of steep jagged peaks. Behind the villa a narrow and deep canyon boasts 5 wonderful waterfalls amid a primeval forest. It has 2 double rooms and an open loft overlooking the living room with 3 more beds; with a capacity for up to 7 guests. It has only one bathroom. There you can enjoy evenings at the large stone fireplace located in the living room. Lie on the wooden deck overlooking the forest and enjoy the panorama surrounding you.

Creek Cabin

Beautifully recycled and decorated, this charming cabin has a double bedroom and a comfortable living room with a fireplace and 2 couches or extra twin beds upon request. It has views to the creek and a kitchenette equipped for 4 people. The bathroom has a shower, no bathtub.

All children are welcome to the lodge.


The lodge is generating a greater awareness of environmental conservation across its staff and guests and in the wider community.

With a history of abuse and abandonment, the amazing property now has returned to its organic roots. A number of eco-friendly activities have been implemented since its foundation – removal of non-native rose hip bushes and provision of rejuvenation and growth practices for the native plants, promotion of local handcrafts from log and stone, controlling illegal lumbering and fishing, fostering the maintenance of the purity of waters, and guarding centennial forests. As a consequence of those activities the number of migrating birds increases each year. They return to Puema Hue to nestle and breed.

The lodge also implements garbage recycling practices. Organic waste is used as compost in the garden and greenhouse. Produce and vegetables are grown organically.

The sewage and drainage systems were built following the National Park’s regulations avoiding polluting the lake and the pristine groundwater.

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Bariloche and the Lake District

Patagonia is home to Argentina’s wonderful Lake District, where you can see a startling wealth of beautiful glaciers, framed by the awesome vista of the Andes mountains. The town of San Carlos de Bariloche lies in the scenic foothills, with skiing, trekking and mountaineering options as well as historic sites within the town itself.

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