Accommodation in Chichen Itza

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Hacienda Chichen

One of the few hotels surrounding the ruins of Chichen, this is the smallest but also the most tranquil. A hacienda built around the 1920s, the décor is all ceramic tile and stucco, with lush gardens that stretch out evocatively over the brickwork. The terrace restaurant is a joy in the evenings. The hotel’s geo-vision and mission statement: working together to serve with caring hearts, sharing Maya traditions and values… uniting hospitality, communities, conservation and sustainable travel choices.

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Chichen Itza

The pyramids, temples and courtyards built by the Mayans in the 10th century have become one of the world’s most legendary sights, and rightly so. The sheer magnitude of the structures can only be appreciated up close, and you’ll want to book an overnight stay to truly drink in one of the most dramatic and impressive attractions on Earth.

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