Accommodation in Samburu and Buffalo Springs

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Joy’s Camp

The camp is named after the world famous conservationist Joy Adams, and is surrounded by incredible scenic plains and volcanic hills. Touting a Bedouin style, the ten tents are large compared to similar camps, with private verandas, a shared pool and open–air bar. In the evening, the staff light candles and you can look out at the local wildlife at the watering hole.


An Environmental Impact Study was carried out prior to the construction of Joys Camp; before the first stone was laid anywhere in the camp, the delicate environment of Shaba was taken into account. Joy’s camp also supports the local communities through employment (more than 70% of its staff come from local villages) and various community projects. Any timber used by the camp is from renewable sources, or deadwood, to ensure that the only impact of the camp on the reserve is a positive one.

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Samburu and Buffalo Springs

This is the biggest of the three reserves in northern Kenya. Samburu has good populations of elephant, buffalo, cheetah and lion, but it is the best place to Kenya to spot leopard. What’s more, there is the ‘Samburu Five’ which are endemic: the Reticulated Giraffe, Grevy’s Zebra, Somali Ostrich, Besia Oryx, and long-necked Gerenuks, all of which are commonly sighted. Another delightful sight are dik diks (the smallest of the antelopes) dashing across the roads or seeking shade in thickets.The reserve has some wonderfully intimate camps.

The location of the Samburu National Park forms a unit with Buffalo Springs and the Shaba National Reserve. It lies on the Ewaso Nyiro River and is part of a wondrous savannah which is broken up by mountain slopes. Parts of it are strewn with volcanic rock – another unique wildlife setting.

Between the savannah and forests, a picturesque landscape is created and arguably this scenery is a reason alone to visit. The diverse range of animal species it has to show off is not just an added extra, but a welcome accompaniment.

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