Accommodation in Lake Malawi

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Mumbo island camp

Set in the waters of Lake Malawi, Mumbo Island is an enclosed tropical paradise, measuring only 0.6 mi in diameter. The island echoes the same sense of wild beauty as its eye-catching surrounds, offering an inviting escape from the everyday and complete immersion in the natural world. Lake Malawi’s crystal clear waters are waiting to be explored and boast some of the best fresh water diving spots in the world.

It’s a World Heritage Site – it’s the first freshwater marine reserve in the world and is home to more than 500 species of fish, of which over 90% are endemic. The island has never been populated by humans and remains much the same as it has always been, with great pains taken to safeguard this; Mumbo’s eco-policies are very strong, with solar power and eco-architecture integral parts of the camp.

There are only 6 tents, one of which is designated for families. This intimate lodge adheres to the principles of eco-architecture and is constructed of timber, thatch and reed, and blends into the surrounding vegetation and large granite boulders. Tents are comfortable and possess eco-loos and bucket showers, a hammock is also provided. They are the perfect place to while away from the busyness of everyday life in a pristine area of natural beauty. Tents set high on the rocks offer you fantastic panoramic views across the lake from a large viewing deck at the front of the tents.

Mumbo Island Camp has many activities, the majority of which are centered on the water. You can enjoy wonderful scuba diving, with the camp PADI-registered and able to handle all skill levels. Kayaking, snorkeling, boat excursions, birdwatching and exploring nature trails are also on offer.

The camp’s dining area, bar and lounge are built using local materials and overlook the sandy beach and the clear waters of Lake Malawi. There are an abundant number of hammocks to lie, sun loungers on the beach and a wonderful collection of books and board games.

The lodge is ideal for honeymooners, families & nature lovers.

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Lake Malawi

This freshwater lake makes up about a third of Malawi’s total area, but what a third that is. The Lake of Stars is also known as Calendar Lake (360 miles long, 52 miles wide) and has wildlife and exotic plants and flowers in abundance. If you’re feeling more active, there’s also a full range of water sports, including diving.

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