Accommodation in Cappadocia

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Museum Hotel

Situated in a very special geographic region, Museum Hotel features 30 rooms & suites–each of them exceptional in their own inimitable way. Each room brings its own special ambiance, contributing to Museum Hotel’s character and charm.
Steeped in thousands of years of history, the hotel feels magical. The ‘living museum’ concept means the cave rooms and specially restored traditional rooms are all decorated with priceless antiques and feature stunning views of Cappadocia.
In 1998, the hotel was meticulously restored and renovated from ruins, caves, and houses to become the first luxury hotel in Cappadocia, and has since become a prominent establishment in the Cappadocia region.
You can enjoy an unrivaled panoramic view of the major districts of the region: Avanos, Göreme, Love Valley, Pigeon Valley, Red Valley, and Mt. Erciyes can all be seen and enjoyed from the rooms, the restaurant, the terrace, and the bars.
Eco touches
Museum Hotel is carrying out the first, and only, hot water (thermal) drilling in Cappadocia. This is being done to enable the heating of the hotel to be 100% natural and to add a unique ‘Thermal Wellness’ area to the hotel–something original and distinct in Cappadocia.
Museum Hotel has saved many historical caves and stone houses from being destroyed, and careful and detailed restoration has been carried out. In recognition of this achievement, Museum Hotel was awarded Best Hotel Restoration and Renovation by the International Hotel Awards 2013.
The hotel has successfully undertaken, and continues to work on, many projects concerning the protection of historical artifacts with its “living museum” concept.
The hotel keeps alive the culture of Cappadocia and those traditions that have tended to be forgotten over the years, not only through restoration projects but also in keeping alive many forgotten tastes of Cappadocia as served in the la carte restaurant, Lil’a.
The hotel produces totally natural, pure, hormone-free fruits and vegetables in its ecological garden, which are serves to you. Also, organic honey and free-range eggs are produced and served to you at breakfast.
The hotel uses solar energy intensively, meaning a great amount of the hot water and heating is met through solar energy use.
Internal and external illumination of Museum Hotel is provided by low energy lamps.
The hotel pays close attention to not releasing waste into the environment.



Turkey’s interior doesn’t get too much more spectacular than the weird, lunar landscapes of this natural wonder. The surroundings are haunting and romantic, and there are few other places on Earth where you can essentially sleep in comfort in a cave. The land formations are truly unique and mysterious.

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