Accommodation in Axum

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Sabean Hotel

The Sabean Hotel is is the best place to stay in Axum, with the one down side that it doesn’t have a view. There are 44 rooms comprising four suites, 28 twin rooms and 12 doubles. All are en-suite with a shower but no bath. This hotel is new, clean and modern by Ethiopian standards. It is well positioned to visit the archaeological wonders here such as the ancient stelae, ruins, Axumite villas, churches, an even the purported Ark of the Covenant. There is no swimming pool or air conditioning but all rooms have satellite television and there is WiFi at reception. There are no child minding facilities.

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In its day – a thousand years ago – Axum was the capital of a great empire. It is still considered the holiest city in the country and is home to the reputed Ark of the Covenant. The chapels and churches that still stand are well worth exploring.

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