Accommodation in Amboseli

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Tortilis Camp

Among the top Kenyan camps for some years now, the 30,000 acre site is a haven of relaxation. 17 units all have day beds for lounging around and the open-air lounge welcomes guests with traditional décor. At night, paraffin lamps light the way. Their guides are very well respected.

In full partnership with the community, Tortilis Camp is one of two tourism operators paying fixed rent to local Maasai landowners to preserve the Kitirua Conservancy, a 30,000 acre wildlife corridor bridging Amboseli and Tanzania. In 2011 alone, Tortilis paid US$ 36,145 in fixed rent for the Conservancy, 70% of which was paid directly to the community, while the remaining 30% was allocated to funding conservancy management.

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The iconic peak of Kilimanjaro overlooks this National Park, which is quite compact at just 150 square miles. There are springs, plains and woodlands where you’ll see the Big 5. Your photos will look all the better for the mountain backdrop.

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