Accommodation in Quirimbas Archipelago

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Vamizi Island

Well recognised as one of Africa’s finest beach lodges, Vamizi is one of the few places in Africa that is genuinely one of the worlds top beach destinations. The lodge itself is superb and with 4.5 miles (7 kilometres) of almost private beach, pristine diving reefs and unequalled fishing waters, Vamizi’s location is ideal.

Set on a vast beach that contends with the best anywhere in the world, Vamizi consists of 13 opulent rooms located at one end of the 4.5 mile long beach. The rooms are huge with massive four poster beds, open lounge areas and vast bathrooms providing some of the most luxurious accommodation in Mozambique, and indeed anywhere on the Indian Ocean making it a prime location for an African honeymoon that counts.

There are also two family villas. They are spread out far from each other and each with a private view of the sea only a 30 yard stroll away.

The lodge has excellent service, sublime food and activities to suit all. The restaurant is fantastic and the chef was trained by Jamie Oliver. There is a bar and lounge area that blend in as one.

The coral, seas and pinnacles that surround the island on the southern side are completely private to Vamizi lodge and only you can use these areas. The waters around the lodge have been a part of a conservation project since 2005 and the marine life is considered to be as abundant as it was a hundred years ago. Ecotourism is a word too often misused and exploited, however, Vamizi sets new boundaries and guidelines for how this specific type of sustainable, low impact tourism might be run.

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Quirimbas Archipelago

The Quirimbas Islands lie in the Indian Ocean off northeastern Mozambique, close to Pemba, the capital of the province of Cabo Delgado.

Ways you can help in Quirimbas Archipelago

If you are medically trained, such as a doctor or a nurse, you can put your skills to good use and treat ailing people in villages that lack proper access to healthcare. Be the change.

Education is a key foundation for lifting people out of poverty, and you can roll up your sleeves and leave a legacy by helping build classrooms in a rural village in the stunning Quirimbas Archipelago. You will get plenty of interaction with the villagers, and gain insights into their lives, share stories and smiles.

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