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When is the best time to visit Hungary?

When visiting Hungary:

  • For pleasant weather and a balance between crowds and prices, spring and early fall are great options.
  • If you love warm weather and don’t mind larger crowds, summer is ideal.
  • If you’re interested in holiday festivities and thermal baths, winter can be a unique and enjoyable time to visit.

Keep in mind that Hungary’s weather can be somewhat unpredictable, so it’s a good idea to check the local climate when planning your trip (we’ll let you know too!).

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Month-by-month guide for traveling in Hungary

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Visiting Hungary in January - March

Hungary is known for its thermal baths, and they are especially delightful in the winter. The warm, steaming waters of Budapest’s famous thermal baths, such as Széchenyi and Gellért Baths, provide a perfect respite from the cold weather. These baths are open year-round and are a popular winter activity.

Hungarian cuisine is hearty and perfect for the winter months. You can warm up with dishes like goulash, hearty stews, and chimney cake (kürtőskalács) from street vendors.

The winter months see fewer tourists compared to the peak summer season, so you can enjoy popular attractions with fewer crowds and potentially lower prices for accommodations and flights.

Ice skating rinks are set up in various parks and squares, providing a fun activity for visitors and locals alike. The City Park Ice Rink in Budapest is the largest and most fam

Events & Festivals

While not as famous as Hungary’s summer festivals, there are some special winter events. Budapest typically hosts a Christmas market in December, which continues into early January, featuring holiday decorations, traditional Hungarian foods, and unique artisan gifts. Additionally, the Budapest International Documentary Festival (BIDF) often takes place in late January or early February, celebrating documentary filmmaking.

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Visiting Hungary in April - June

 Spring is a lovely time to visit Budapest as the city’s parks and gardens come to life with vibrant flowers and greenery. You can enjoy leisurely walks along the Danube River or explore the beautiful Margaret Island, known for its gardens.

The weather in spring is the best time to visit Hungary for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and exploring the Hungarian countryside. The lush landscapes and pleasant temperatures make it a great time to enjoy the natural beauty of Hungary.

Events & Festivals

Easter Celebrations (April): Easter is a significant holiday in Hungary, and you can witness various traditional customs and events during this time. Easter markets and processions are common in cities like Budapest and Eger.

Danube Carnival (June): This multicultural festival in Budapest celebrates diversity with music, dance, and cultural performances from around the world. It takes place on the banks of the Danube River and offers a great atmosphere.

Pentecost Festivals (June): In June, Hungary celebrates Pentecost with various events and festivals, including folk dance performances, crafts fairs, and religious ceremonies.

Balaton Sound (June): If you’re into music festivals, the Balaton Sound festival takes place on the shores of Lake Balaton in Zamárdi, offering a mix of electronic, hip-hop, and pop music.

Strawberry Festivals: Throughout late spring and early summer, many Hungarian towns and villages hold strawberry festivals, where you can indulge in fresh, locally grown strawberries and strawberry-based treats.

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Visiting Hungary in July - September

July and August are the warmest months in Hungary. Daytime temperatures can range from 25°C to 35°C (77°F to 95°F) or even higher, especially in the southern parts of the country.

September marks the beginning of the transition into autumn, so temperatures may start to cool down slightly as the month progresses.

Events & Festivals

Budapest Summer Festival (June to August): The Budapest Summer Festival is a series of cultural events, including classical and contemporary concerts, opera and ballet performances, theater shows, and more. It takes place at various outdoor venues in Budapest, providing a unique opportunity to enjoy the arts in a beautiful setting.

Szentendre Jazz Festival (July): Szentendre, a charming town near Budapest, hosts a jazz festival featuring local and international artists.

Sziget Festival (August): Sziget is one of the largest music festivals in Europe, held on Óbuda Island in Budapest. It features a diverse lineup of international and local artists, spanning various music genres.

National Gallop (September): The National Gallop is a traditional Hungarian equestrian event that showcases horse racing and various equestrian performances in Budapest’s Heroes’ Square. It also celebrates Hungary’s rich equestrian heritage and culture.


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Visiting Hungary in October - December

While the weather can be cold and crisp during this period, the festive atmosphere, holiday markets, and unique cultural events make Hungary a delightful destination in the lead-up to Christmas and into the winter season. It’s a great time to visit Hungary to immerse yourself in Hungarian traditions and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Hungary is famous for its thermal baths, and visiting them during the cooler months can be particularly enjoyable. The warm, mineral-rich waters are especially inviting in the winter.

Festivals & Events

Visiting Hungary from October to December can be a wonderful experience, as this period offers unique attractions and festivals that highlight the country’s culture, traditions, and holiday celebrations. Here are some special things to look forward to during this time:

Budapest Christmas Markets (November to December): Budapest is known for its enchanting Christmas markets, which typically open in late November and run through December. The main markets are located at Vorosmarty Square and St. Stephen’s Basilica. You can enjoy festive decorations, artisanal crafts, delicious Hungarian food, and mulled wine. The city comes alive with holiday lights and a festive atmosphere.

Saint Martin’s Day (November 11): This holiday is dedicated to Saint Martin, a patron saint of Hungary. It’s a day when new wine is traditionally opened and tasted. In Budapest and rural areas, you can participate in wine tastings and events.

St. Nicholas Day (December 6): Children in Hungary eagerly await St. Nicholas Day, when they receive small gifts and sweets in their shoes. You might see festive processions and events in various towns and cities.

Chocolate Festival: Budapest often hosts a Chocolate Festival in mid-December, where you can indulge in various chocolate creations, attend workshops, and purchase chocolate products as gifts.

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