Luxury family volunteer vacations


Are you looking for an inspiring and meaningful luxury vacation with your family? Then why not consider giving back as part of your trip? By doing so: – your children can appreciate how fortunate they are, – you instill the value of service in your children, – you get to interact meaningfully with another culture in a safe context, – you bond together as a family  Imagine feeding and bathing elephants as you help secure their future in Thailand or India, or building a home for a widow and her children, in places as diverse as Guatemala, Zambia, or Cambodia. You can make a difference whilst enjoying a luxury hotel to relax in at the end of the day. You choose how many days to help for, and you choose the other activities to you, all with the help of our expert consultants. Volunteering offers a unique way to spend time with your sons and daughters, or even the whole extended family while helping a family, community, a species or the environment. Click here to start planning your trip, or contact us if you would like some inspiring ideas. And get your Free Guide to Making Your Luxury Family Vacation Meaningful.