Luxury Volunteer Travel for Families

Luxury family voluntourism


Do you want to inspire your children to change the world?

Are you looking to bond with your kids during your luxury family vacation?

Do you want your children to appreciate how fortunate they are?

    Luxury family voluntourism trips are ideal for you:

  • Children appreciate how fortunate they are (some have even foregone their Christmas presents so that children they interact with can have gifts);
  • Families bond closer together;
  • Families get to interact with and gain insights into another culture
  • Volunteering can increase the chances of college entry

For children aged 12 or under, we have found that wildlife conservation works best as your children get to learn an enormous amount about animals whilst looking after and caring for them.

    Our most popular destinations for young children are:

  • Costa Rica        (care for monkeys, sloths, parrots and more at a wildlife rescue center)
  • Thailand           (elephant conservation: prepare their meals, feed them, and even help bathe them)
  • Australia           (assist with surveys of kangaroos, wallabies, koalas)

For children aged over 12, wildlife conservation still works well, but if you want to bond even closer as a family, consider a building project.

    Our most popular destinations for teenagers are:

  • Cambodia         (build a house for a needy family)
  • Mexico               (renovate a school or home for the elderly)
  • Kenya                 (build a classroom in a forward-thinking Masai community)
  • South Africa      (renovate a low-income day care center)
  • Guatemala        (build a home for a needy family)
  • Belize                 (install an eco-friendly stove in the home of a low-income family)
  • New Zealand    (help maintain penguin habitats and protect them from predators)
  • Namibia             (dig an alternative water source for elephants to reduce conflict with humans)
  • Peru                    (get immersed in a village and install bathrooms and eco-friendly stoves for needy families)
  • India                    (help conserve elephants, bears, install eco-friendly stoves or teach in a low-income school)

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Now you can enjoy the perfect luxury family vacation: one that changes lives…including your own.

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