Costa Rica

After School Programs

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Many locals in the region struggle to keep up with rising food and housing costs in the area. In the Guanacaste province, children often attend short school days and are frequently left without extracurricular activities or recreational opportunities.

Our partner provides a wide variety of innovative programs focusing on academic and artistic education, environmental consciousness, health, and socio-cultural development. Through these programs, they seek to enhance not only the children’s lives, but that of the town’s future as well.

What You Can Do
You can assist local staff to prepare for and assist with after school programs. You can also help organize and shelve books for the library, and prepare supplies to be used in their classes.

Typical day length

4-6 hours per day

Recommended Duration

We recommend 3-5 days, but you can make a difference if you have just one day to spare.

Accommodation in Guanacaste


This area has always been somewhat separated from the rest of the country (it was once annexed by Nicaragua), and has its own regional flavours and customs. The white sand beaches are popular escape spots, though, especially the more glamorous ones such as Playa Conchal. Many of the small fishing villages are now buzzing with visitors, and a once sleepy hub now has day and nightlife.