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Assist at a Recycling Center

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Nosara is a gorgeous beach town in Guanacaste region that has experienced huge growth due to tourism. In order to maintain the pristine beauty of the area, locals and visitors alike need to play a role, and recycling is a vital element to sustaining the environment – you can help make a difference!

About the Recycling Center
The Nosara recycling center collects recyclables from homes and businesses and consolidates them for transport to a facility that can repurpose them for raw materials. In addition, the center also conducts fantastic education and public outreach programs to educate the local community, about trash, recycling, and composting, to get the community behind their efforts.

How You Can Help
Start with a tour of the recycling center, learning different types of recycling and composting methods. You can help local staff sort and condense recyclables (this may involve breaking glass bottles into small glass pieces, sorting papers, bundling cardboard, etc). You can also put your creativity to work helping staff make craft projects out of recyclables that are sold to raise funds for the center.

Typical Hours

4-6 hours, Monday to Friday

Typical Duration 

3-5 days, but even if you have one day, you can make a difference!

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This area has always been somewhat separated from the rest of the country (it was once annexed by Nicaragua), and has its own regional flavours and customs. The white sand beaches are popular escape spots, though, especially the more glamorous ones such as Playa Conchal. Many of the small fishing villages are now buzzing with visitors, and a once sleepy hub now has day and nightlife.